The Return of James Battle (2004)

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    Rating: 5.4/10
    Runtime: 87 min
    Language: French (english srt-subs included)
    Country: France / Germany / UK
    Color: Yes
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Didier Poiraud, Thierry Poiraud
    Vanessa Paradis ... Concia
    Jason Flemyng ... James Bataille
    Benoît Poelvoorde ... Allan Chiasse
    Jean-Pierre Marielle ... Bosco
    Venantino Venantini ... Matt Kelso
    Vincent Tavier ... Chef Brody
    Bouli Lanners ... Chip
    Jacky Lambert ... Dips

    Description: A stuntman is imprisoned for accidental destruction of his fiancée's father's bar. He escapes and searches desperately for his sweetheart. A couple of things get in his way. For a start starfish-like creatures decapitate drunk revellers and face-sucking aliens abound.
    Incredible scifi-horror-wasteland-comedy-musical, featuring deluxe decapitations, nifty alien fx and a gory climax, french popstar actress Vanessa Paradis and of course Benoît Poelvoorde of 'Man Bites Dog' fame.

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