The Return of Ringo (Il Ritorno di Ringo) (1965)

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    Rating: 6.7/10 136 votes
    Runtime: 96 min
    Language: Italian
    Country: Italy | Spain
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Duccio Tessari
    Giuliano Gemma ... Ringo Ringo alias Montgomery Brown (as Montgomery Wood)
    Fernando Sancho ... Esteban Fuentes
    Lorella De Luca ... Helen Brown / Hally Fitzgerald (as Hally Hammond)
    Nieves Navarro ... Rosita
    Antonio Casas ... Sheriff
    Manuel Muñiz ... Miosotis 'Morning Glory' (as Pajarito)
    Mónica Sugranes
    Víctor Bayo
    Tunet Vila
    Juan Torres
    Jose Halufi
    George Martin ... Paco Fuentes

    Description: Giuliano Gemma plays a civil war soldier named Montgomery Brown who returns home to find his family massacred, and his fiance abducted by a group of bandidos. His right hand wounded, he learns to shoot with his left hand and goes after the malditos desgraciados who ruined his family...

    Whole DVDR, 4.4GB. DVD features Widescreen (2.35:1) Version, English and Italian Audio Options, optional English subtitles.

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    Rar Password: lovermanUK
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