The Sandwich Man (1966)

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    Rating: 5.7/10
    Runtime: 92
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Colour

    Director: Robert Hartford-Davis
    Michael Bentine... Horace Quilby, The Sandwich Man
    Dora Bryan... Mrs. DeVere
    Harry H. Corbett... Mack - Stage-Door Keeper
    Bernard Cribbins... Harold - the Photographer
    Diana Dors... First Billingsgate Lady
    Ian Hendry... Policeman On Motorcycle
    Stanley Holloway... Park Gardener
    Wilfrid Hyde-White... Lord Uffingham
    Michael Medwin... Sewer Man
    Ron Moody... Rowing Coach
    Anna Quayle... Second Billingsgate Lady
    Terry-Thomas... Scoutmaster
    Norman Wisdom... Boxing Vicar
    Donald Wolfit... Car Salesman
    David Buck... Steven Mansfield
    Suzy Kendall... Sue
    Tracey Crisp... Girl in the Black Plastic Mac
    Alfie Bass... Model Yachtsman
    Leon Thau... Ram
    Peter Jones... Escapologist's Assistant
    John Le Mesurier... Abadiah - Senior Sandwich Man
    Warren Mitchell... Gypsy Sid
    and many more (see IMDB)

    Description: Michael Bentine stars as Horace Quilby, the immaculately tailored sandwich board man for Finklebaum & O'Casey, purveyors of fine gents' overcoats.

    Every morning, he leaves his modest little home in Docklands and walks the streets of Swinging London, enjoying the sights and sounds - and the city's madcap inhabitants. From Billingsgate to St Paul's, from saucy Soho to the London Hilton, and from the Royal Parks to the Thames Embankment he routinely encounters all kinds of mayhem - from over-encumbered Sikh jazz combos to runaway ground rollers and from confused escapologists to fashion photographers and their models. Everyone knows Horace - and Horace knows everyone.

    The Sandwich Man Brotherhood has a golden rule: See everything but never get involved'. It's a rule Horace is happy to live by - until he decides to give a young couple a helping hand in falling in love ...

    Boasting an astounding cast of 1960s talent that includes Norman Wisdom, Bernard Cribbins, Dora Bryan, Ian Hendry, Diana Dors, Terry Thomas, Suzy Kendall, John Le Mesurier, Stanley Holloway, Alfie Bass, Warren Mitchell and John Junkin, The Sandwich Man is a bright and breezy comedy which perfectly captures the joy of living in London in the swinging sixties.

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    Video: 1118kbps XviD | Audio: 128kb/s mp3

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