The Small Back Room (1949)

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    Genre: Drama | Thriller | War
    IMDB Rating: 7.5
    Runtime: 106 mins
    Directors: Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger


    The Small Back Room is thriller set in London in the midst of World War II. Sammy Rice (David Farrar) is an explosives expert who works with British military intelligence as part of a ragtag munitions research team studying new ways to defuse enemy weapons and improve allied arms. While he's brilliant on the job, Rice is a troubled man with an artificial leg that causes him chronic pain and an appetite for alcohol that stands between him and those around him, especially his girlfriend and secretary Susan (Kathleen Byron).

    Rice's latest project is finding a way to defuse a new German bomb that's cleverly disguised as a children's toy, but Rice finds himself battling his superiors when Waring (Jack Hawkins), an unscrupulous businessman who has been pressed into service with the explosives team, and his colleague Professor Mair (Milton Rosmer) begin lobbying the Army to purchase a new weapon that Rice feels is both ineffective and dangerous.

    David Farrar ... Sammy Rice
    Kathleen Byron... Susan
    Jack Hawkins... R.B. Waring
    Milton Rosmer... Prof. Mair
    Cyril Cusack... Cpl. Taylor
    Emrys Jones... Joe
    Michael Goodliffe... Till
    Sid James... 'Knucksie' Moran, barkeeper (as Sidney James)
    Leslie Banks... Col. A.K. Holland
    Michael Gough... Capt. Dick Stuart
    Geoffrey Keen... Pinker
    June Elvin... Gillian
    David Hutcheson... Norval
    Robert Morley... Minister (as A Guest)
    Elwyn Brook-Jones... Gladwin

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