The Tesseract (2003)

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    Language: English & Thai* Hardcoded English subs

    Description: In Bangkok* in a low-budget hotel called "Heaven"* the fate of four guests are interconnected due to a theft in a room: Sean (Jonathan Rhys-Meyers)* a paranoid English drug dealer* that is dealing with a powerful local drug lord; the also British psychologist Rosa (Saskia Reeves)* who is grieving the loss of her son and making a research with poor children in Thailand; a seriously wounded killer* hired to kill the mobster; and Wit (Alexander Rendel)* a thirteen years old abused bellboy* that steals the guests. In the end* we see that it is almost impossible to control life* and sometimes* a subtle incident may lead to fatality

    927mb AVI
    Aspect 640x 480
    Duration 1.36.43
    Bitrate 128kbps MPEG Layer-3

    Framerate 29fps
    Datarate 1630kbps
    Sample 24 bit
    Compression FFDS
    Language English + Thai
    Subtitles Eng Subs Hard-coded for Thai parts only

    Rar Password: None
  2. THX. Was looking for this for ages.

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    Thank you!

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