The Third Eye (2006)

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    Language: Chinese (Cantonese)

    Subtitle: English (Hard-subbed)

    Release Date: 2006

    Genre: Horror / Thriller


    Produced by Andrew Lau of Infernal Affairs fame, The Third Eye originally premiered at the 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival, and features a promising young cast, including Race Wong (of girl group 2R, and Oxide Pang’s Ab-normal Beauty), Wong Yau Nam (of Fruit Chan’s Hollywood Hong Kong), and Derek Tsang (AV, Isabella). Director Carol Lai (Glass Tears, Floating Landscape) helms this voyeuristic and bloody thriller, examining a group of damaged souls who find themselves participants in a deadly game at a rundown motel located in rural Tai O. The motel looks like your typical seedy establishment for secret trysts and surprise rendezvous; among the temporary inhabitants are a drug smuggler, a menacing cop, and other suspicious folk who may or not be sinners. What these people don’t know is that someone is watching them, perhaps through peepholes, or through the motel’s many hidden cameras, which deliver the most private and incriminating moments of each guest to an attentive voyeur - who may ultimately have murder on his mind.

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