The Toda Brothers and Sisters (1941)

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    Rating: 8.1/10 124
    Runtime: 105 min
    Language: Japanese
    Country: Japan
    Color: Black and White

    Director: Yasujiro Ozu
    Mieko Takamine ... Setsuko
    Shin Saburi ... Shojiro
    Hideo Fujino ... Shintaro Toda
    Ayako Katsuragi ... Mrs. Toda
    Mitsuko Yoshikawa ... Chizuru
    Masao Hayama ... Ryokichi
    Tatsuo Saito ... Shinichiro
    Kuniko Miyake ... Kazuko
    Yoshiko Tsubouchi ... Ayako
    Kayoko Kuwano ... Tokiko
    Chishu Ryu ... Friend

    Description: Ozu enters William Wyler terrain with a somber upscale family drama about a mother and daughter who are shuttled in unwelcome fashion from one family member's home to another following the death of the family patriarch. The thematic elements of displacement within a family unit anticipate TOKYO STORY - there's even a bedtime scene between the mother and daughter that echoes one in the later film. There's a startling lack of music also, esp. during Ozu's normally music-filled transitional shots, that contribute to an overall sense of tense unease that touches on what might have been the general wartime state of mind among Japanese at that time. The war makes a subtle appearance in the form of the youngest son who offers to take the unwanted family members with him to settle in China - a moment which might be aligned with Imperialist propaganda, though in a fascinating way: the Chinese "frontier" seems presented as a place where Japanese society can escape its social hypocrisies and begin anew.

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    Video: XVID 512x384 23.98fps 848Kbps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz mono 73Kbps

    English subtitles
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  2. THX for all this Ozu movies. A truely goldmine.


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