The Trouble with Angels (1966)

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    1966 / Comedy~Family / USA / English / Colour / 111min

    Main Cast:
    Hayley Mills .... Mary Clancy
    June Harding .... Rachel Devery
    Rosalind Russell .... Mother Superior (Rev. Mother)
    Marge Redmond .... Sister Liguori
    Binnie Barnes .... Sister Celestine
    Jim Hutton .... Mr. Petrie

    St. Francis Academy for Girls used to be a quiet sedate convent school - quiet and sedate, that is, until it was invaded by its newest pupil, Mary Clancy (Hayely Mills).
    Mary is a hellion who's youthful spirits keep Mother Superior in a constant state of panic as she and her friend, Rachel Devery (June Harding), substitute bubble bath for the nun's sugar, smoke cigars in the boiler room, and attempt to make a life-mask of the face of a fellow student with quick-hardening plaster.
    Through it all, Mother Superior Rosalind Russell) is determined to salvage something of worth from these two misfits.


    My DVDRip / Fairuse Wizard
    Video: 1.36GB (1 AVI) / XVID / 640x464 / 23.98fps / 1619Kbps / 111min
    Audio: MP3 / 48kHz / stereo / 128Kbps / English

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    Hayley Mills was so hot! Thanks!

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