The Twilight Saga - Eclipse (2010) R5.DVDRip.XviD-MAXSPEED

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ataymode100, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. ataymode100

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  2. cyberstud87

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    i hate people who share such fakes......please, its my humble request to ban this uploader from this site forever...!!
    go and do such crap on some shitty site....not on divxturka....we upload n use this site responsibly!dats why the user base is like it is.....we dont need such shares here!:mda:
  3. jason2day

    jason2day Guest

    ban this idiot
  4. teekay1242

    teekay1242 Guest

    yada yad have to visit a website to fill in a survey to get the password....FORGET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. papes

    papes Guest

    Stupýd ýdýot !! Dýdnt your mother raýsed you properly ??
    Ban thýs ass hole !
  6. JorceLucas

    JorceLucas Guest

    Thanks for the heads up guys
  7. QTHamp1

    QTHamp1 Guest

    Thanks for users looking out for one another!
  8. JerzeyLegend

    JerzeyLegend Guest

    dam. My girl was gonna flip if I came home with Eclipse. I would have gotten some banging head, but alas, some scurvy dog had to ruin it.
  9. chartran99

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    Jul 14, 2014
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    Cud have had sum nooky too if i had this - god dam waste of space - shoot him an then ban him :)
  10. Bytugxhu

    Bytugxhu Guest

    Reported !!!!
  11. duduman

    duduman Guest

    Good man
  12. cyberstud87

    cyberstud87 Guest

    Thýs uploader ýs so
  13. buddy439rc

    buddy439rc Guest

    same here asswipe pathetic people get a life
  14. munkiman12

    munkiman12 Guest

    Same here guys i was looking forward to some good ole nooky session then boom this idiot ruins it blah...people are posting fakes everywhere these days.
  15. alibaba77

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