NitroFlare The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop

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    The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop

    The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop Elizabeth Ayres

    Unleash Your Creative Writing Gifts with This Proven Workshop: For aspiring writers, few experiences offer the thrill of a well-taught creative writing workshop: imagine the surge of fresh ideas filling your mind, exercise by exercise, as you absorb the skills of the craft almost effortlessly. Now you can experience this unmatched way of learning-at your own convenience-with Elizabeth Ayres' The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop. Distilled from her acclaimed courses at New York University and the Center for Creative Writing, this proven program has already helped hundreds of writers to break through their inner obstacles, unleash their imaginations, and master the skills they need to communicate those images and ideas powerfully through words. The key to success, teaches Ayres, is to use both your creative and analytical gifts in a fun and engaging way. The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop helps you do that through a series of methods so effective that nearly all of Ayres' students find themselves writing nonstop-from the very first exercise. Join this celebrated writing teacher to learn: • How to generate a limitless source of ideas and inspiration • How to use your five senses to get unstuck and discover the stories, poems, and plays you've been wanting to write • How to stop worrying about structure and start writing to the "natural shape" of your dozens of other fast-paced tools to help you get going right away If you've been wanting to jumpstart your imagination and take your craft to the next level, here's the perfect course- Elizabeth Ayres' The Ultimate Creative Writing Workshop.


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