The Unit Season Four (updated weekly)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by dragonmovies, Apr 10, 2009.

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    The Unit - Season 1-4 Complete



  2. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    episode 19 added peoples
  3. lamzaney

    lamzaney Guest

    thanx alot man, I see noone replied but I thank you good sir, I am watching this season B4 I go to Afghanistan and its much appreciated!
  4. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    your welcome mate :D
  5. lamzaney

    lamzaney Guest

    Was ep 19 the last of the season? if so what a bummer of an ending hahaha I guess thats good tho it leaves you wondering
  6. mck55

    mck55 Guest

    according to there is at least 2 more to come yet, the season ain't finished yet, maybe almost,
  7. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    no mate, their are more to come, next episode is in a few days

    Season 4, Episode 20 – Airs: 4/26/2009
    Chaos Theory
    A well thought out and planned mission is affected by a random event leaving Jonas and Bob to plan a new mission

    Season 4, Episode 21 – Airs: 5/3/2009
    Molly is kidnapped and used as bait, while Jonas is out of the country looking into a Russian terrorist cell.
  8. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    episode 20 added folks
  9. mck55

    mck55 Guest

    greatly appreciated
  10. xxxvirusxxx

    xxxvirusxxx Guest

    Thank you.....
  11. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    your welcome mates
  12. lamzaney2

    lamzaney2 Guest

    Thanks man you are the best, i missed it when it aired, u were fast with this one!
  13. nanna12

    nanna12 Guest

    Thank You Much Appreciated Love This Series:heyo::heyo::heyo:
  14. nanna12

    nanna12 Guest

    Thank You Love This Series Much appreciated:heyo::heyo::heyo:
  15. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    episode 21 added folks
  16. amigaman7

    amigaman7 Guest

    Thanks! My son inlaw is here from Iraq, him and the men in his platoon Love watching the Unit!
    He's been begging me to find the missing Episodes on his jump drive. What a great series now I'm hooked too!
    God Bless America! And all our brave soldiers

    Thanks Again!
  17. sevlow

    sevlow Guest

  18. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    no problem mate, glad you like it as i do
  19. dragonmovies

    dragonmovies Guest

    episode 22 added folks :D
  20. lamzaney

    lamzaney Guest

    Wow, great season ender, can wait for next season!

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