The War is Over & La Guerre est finie (1966)

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    Rating: 7.5/10
    Runtime: 117
    Language: French: English .srt subs included
    Country: France
    Color: Black & white
    IMDb Link:

    Yves Montand... Diego Mora
    Ingrid Thulin... Marianne
    Geneviève Bujold... Nadine Sallanches
    Jean Dasté... Le chef du réseau clandestin / Chief
    Dominique Rozan... Jude
    Jean-François Rémi... Juan
    Marie Mergey... Madame Lopez
    Jacques Wallet... Un CRS / CRS Policeman
    Michel Piccoli... L'inspecteur des douanes / First Customs Inspector
    Anouk Ferjac... Marie Jude
    Roland Monod... Antoine
    Pierre Decazes... L'employé SNCF / Station Employee
    Paul Crauchet... Roberto
    Claire Duhamel... La femme du wagon-restaurant / Traveller
    Antoine Bourseiller... L'homme du wagon-restaurant / Traveller

    Description: Alain Resnais was almost a god of cinema in the 60's. That people actually discussed the meaning of Last Year at Marienbad at parties seems unbelievable today (yet check the posts for Mulholland Drive), but it was a cultural object just as real as a Picasso painting. If I say that La Guerre est finie has aged badly, that's not to say that it didn't hold the attention of liberals 40 years ago.

    The politics of the main (male) characters are fossilized. The old Bolshevik ideals have become more and more detached from reality. Diego knows that there will be no general strike in Spain on May 1st, no matter how hard they will it to happen. Pamphlets smuggled by car into the country in false compartments are not being translated into actions. Diego's lack of authenticity is his real problem: he's spent most of his life in France, speaks better French than Spanish, and is watching people 20 years younger than himself taking more radical steps to end Franco's rule.

    Marianne has a greater grasp of reality than her lover. After nine years with Diego, she just wants to settle down and have kids, and put an end to the endless coded conversations with her friends (who are ignorant of Diego's revolutionary activities). She watches as Diego gets sloppy--driving with lights out while there's a suitcase full of plastic explosives in the car, as a cop stops them for questioning.

    Semprun's script makes Montand into a sexual magnet; has any 20-year-old girl taken off her clothes faster for a tired 45-year-old man? The star system dictates that the male lead be a stud, but there are limits.

    This is a stunning psychodrama about a man who has seen his life burned out after decades of fighting a "good" but hopeless war, recognizes the futility, and sees another generation committing itself to figurative and literal suicide. Does he stop them? Join them? Can he have any effect at all? Does he try? See the movie. If you're into political drama a la Frankenheimer, Zinnemann, or Costa Gavras, this one is a "ten."

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