The White Buffalo (1977)-Western-Charles Bronson

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    Dvd Rip | Xvid | Video 544×416 | 25 fps | MP3 128 Kbps | size 700 Mb | 97 minutes | English

    Release Date: July 7, 1994 l Genre western

    “ This movie is based on Richard Sale’s book concerning two characters enroute to their mutual destiny, Crazy Horse and Wild Bill Hickock. They are both called to hunt the sacred White Buffalo for a different purpose. Crazy Horse, to re-claim the right to be called by his name and to wrap the hyde around his dead child so that she can enter paradise. While Hickock is drawn by a sixth sense toward his encounter through nightmarish dreams in the belief that the confrontation will solve the sickness that has been in his brain. The movie is so full of western slang that you almost need a glossary of terms like the nadsat language in “A Clockwork Orange”, to know what is going on. It is either a great movie or just an average one according to how you feel about a western that is mysterious, deep, intensely dark, full of atmospheric snow laden mountains, a god-like Buffalo that cannot be stopped and a stand out performance by Clint Walker as a very bad adversary. Incredibly the moody but excellent adaptive music was never released on this film until 2002!…and then only on a limited run for film buffs (no pun intended)You can almost classify this as a Western Horror movie and it has an excellent supporting cast, including Kim Novack,Slim Pickens, John Carradine and others who fill the stock characters to perfection. The poster used to advertise this film is a real collector’s item and it is a film that should be preserved in the future with a quality DVD transfer. I normally don’t like Westerns but this caught my attention. Bronson was the big box-office draw at the time and this movie was a critical failure in 1977 but it still endures and captures the imagination today due to it’s wierd subject matter. Probably ahead of its time!.


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