The Zoo - Series 1 (2010)

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    The Zoo - Series 1 (2010)
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    A three part documentary series for ITV1 explores the worldпїЅs oldest zoo, bringing a unique insight into the rich variety of daily life for the staff and animals at London Zoo. For the first time in ten years cameras have been given access all areas at the zoo in RegentпїЅs Park, and its пїЅcountry homeпїЅ at Whipsnade, for a behind the scenes look at the life and death stories for The Zoo.

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    Episode 1
    Air date: 9th November 2010
    Synopsis: For the first time in ten years the Zoological Society of London have invited cameras into their two zoos - London Zoo in Regent's Park and their country home at Whipsnade. After a cold and financially grim winter, the zoos face many problems, but they have big plans too. They are hoping to breed gorillas and vultures but the situation gets complicated when the vultures prove to be murderous parents and a prize male gorilla falls desperately ill.
    Episode 2
    Air date: 17th November 2010
    Synopsis: This episode looks at some of the zoos' breeding programmes and the perils that come with them. Zoos no longer capture creatures from the wild, so without captive breeding the zoo population would soon die out. At Regent's Park, there are plans to breed Komodo dragons, but the process is potentially very dangerous. At Whipsnade, there has been some success in breeding elephants, but the young are threatened by disease. A new baby is due this year and the keepers are determined that everything should go well.
    Episode 3
    Air date: 23rd November 2010
    Synopsis: Animal conservation is the new buzzword in zoos, and the Zoological Society of London spends £8 million a year on projects around the globe, including efforts to save frogs in the Caribbean, protect the one-horned rhino and conserve the bearded vulture in Nepal. In order to do that, the zoos need to be a financial success. London Zoo's flagship Gorilla Kingdom exhibit, which helps pay for the conservation work, is suffering after the death of the male gorilla, so a search for a new male begins.


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