Theeviravaathi: The Terrorist (1999)

Discussion in 'Archive' started by llanes13, May 5, 2009.

  1. llanes13

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    Rating: 7.1/10
    Runtime: 95 min
    Language: Tamil | English srt. subtitles included
    Country: India
    Color: Colour

    Rar Password: None.
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  2. Nxdvxxsh

    Nxdvxxsh Guest

    thank you
  3. uncaff

    uncaff Guest

    Thank You, but where are the subtitles? I don't find them included.
  4. uncaff

    uncaff Guest

    Okay, found them below the DL links.
    But, the subtitles don't work. Not in QuickTime. Not in VLC.
    Could you fix please? Would like to see this good movie.
  5. Music Freak

    Music Freak Guest

    I am a tamilian and this looks lika a good movie..thnx..:triniti:

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