NitroFlare ThinkParametric: Modularization & Rationalization

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    ThinkParametric: Modularization & Rationalization
    This course tackles one of the most important aspects of parametric modeling; having a large series of values that are all distinct and map them to the nearest controlled value for optimisation purposes. To do this, we´ll perform some exercises dealing with a modular facade surface with changing floorplans to illustrate how this principle may apply to any design situation where variation must be controlled and reduced.

    We will also cover some visualization techniques (indexing of modules by color) so the whole exercise can be assessed. Lastly, you´ll learn how to do optimization using the Galapagos Evolutionary Solver and how to use the Human Plugin to position 3D blocks into our parametrically optimized facade.

    Take Aways
    Modulate a huge array of values into a determined set.
    Visualization Techniques
    Geometry optimization using Galapagos Evolutionary Solver
    Using Human´s toolset for 3d blocks positioning
    Learn how to combine Rhino´s 3d Modelling with Grasshopper parametric capabilities

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