NitroFlare ThinkParametric: Roof Structure (Centre Pompidou Metz)

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    ThinkParametric: Roof Structure (Centre Pompidou Metz)
    In this course, we're going to model an organic roof structure to a schematic design level and for our reference project we're going to use the Centre Pompidou in Metz from Shigeru Ban architects. We'll start by generating the pattern for the roof structure flat on the construction plane and we'll show you the logic behind this interesting pattern using Grasshopper 3D.

    Next up, we're going to model the roof shape, using a plugin for Rhino called T-splines. This plugin will allow us to model organic shapes more fast and accurate. When we've modeled the roof shape, we'll use Kangaroo, a physics engine plugin for Grasshopper, to relax the roof shape to a more natural form.

    When we have the final shape of the roof, we'll jump back to our pattern we generated in the beginning of the course and project that pattern on the roof shape using Grasshopper again.

    Finally when we have our structural lines projected, we'll use Grasshopper to generate the structural beams and generate the interwoven pattern of the structure.


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