This site has definitely gone downhill

Discussion in 'Archive' started by ukbirdflu, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu Guest

    Not visited this site for some time and when I came back this is what I found:

    1. The response time is extremely slow, can't call it surfing, its a matter of drifting.

    2. I have pop ups opening or trying to open every few seconds, the pop up is from this stupid site called, it is popping up each time I click on anything. It is so annoying to the point that getting out of here is a relief. Has this site been infected with a virus? or this is just "normal" advertising to annoy the members and to line the owners pockets?

    If this continues don't expect me back.
  2. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu Guest

    Its even more annoying when I cannot even edit my own post, the edit button just died, and in the process of getting to this reply page I had 2 pop ups, this is despite I set Firefox to block pop ups.

    Bye bye
  3. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    The site has been a bit slow lately.
    But about pop-ups, you must be doing something wrong.
    Have you bothered to read the announcement about blocking pop-ups with firefox?
    This announcement is all over this site, not just in one place.............
    Full Download , Rapidshare, Megaupload, Torrent, Hotfile, Download - Announcements in Forum : Games

    I haven't seen any pop-ups recently, I just see the message "Firefox prevented this site from opening *insert number here* popup windows"

    If you want to complain about site performance I suggest you contact admin by PM.
    Anything else just reeks of trolling imho.
  4. ukbirdflu

    ukbirdflu Guest

    I did say I have not been to this site recently, so not aware of any announcement regarding pop ups, if you can be kind enough to direct me to the information then thank you in advance.

    edit: I just did a search of popups in the forum, looks like I am not the only one, look at this thread

    Further update: I have located the "announcement" on popups, they were talking about blocking this "", I have this popping up
    , I have however followed the instructions on the announcement and I hope it will be reduced to "popup being stopped".

    Just who is doing these popups?

    Further further update:

    No intention to "TROLL" but usual moans and groans, have reported the forum slowness to "itisjust4fun"
  5. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    Some members have a bad habit of creating threads about the same issue again and again.

    I put most of it down to laziness.
    If somebody has already created a thread about an issue, there's no logical reason to keep creating new threads about it.
    And if a fix or announcement is posted, there is especially less reason to keep creating threads about an issue.

    Staff are well aware of issues on the site, we spend a fair bit of time here, we post a fair bit and we actually work here.

    Please read announcements and use the search function before getting on a soapbox about something.

    And if something seriously bothers you about the site, contact admin.

    itisjust4fun is a supermoderator (blue).
    I am a moderator (green).
    Administrators are red in colour...........they are the ones that make decisions about the site.

    Mods and smods help members and clean up around the place.......neither have any power to make changes to the site itself.


    PS: I have already provided a link to the announcement in question for you.
  6. Moloch

    Moloch Guest

    The fixes are all fine and well!

    As a experienced user of the internet! I have been complaining about pop ups on this site for well over a year now!

    I have been told must be you!

    Now they have admitted its site based

    Now that they fixed the wixgames pop up and as soon as it got fixed a new pop up imerged!

    Please explain in your wisdom How that happens? Not once but dozens of times over a years period?

    Wixgames wasn`t the first pop up it was the second last of hundreds all directly due to this site!

    And for heavens sake do not post to inform a poster of the illegal post they put up!

    I got banned for well over ten minutes for saying" You can`t post porn here in print or in video! Its clearly stated in the rules above every section!"

    I don`t really care about lag as i said experinced user of the internet shit happens!

    But when there is tons upon tons of complaints Guess who needs to be addressing them?

    Not Admins Not Mods, but your Web Master You have a redirect code located in your PHP coding!

    There is no other explanation for these continued pop ups!

    and as a poster eluded to this is usually done on purpose for Ad money!

    I have hosted many sites Never once have i stooped low enough to include ad`s

    Heres a suggestion!

    Make a vip area! add only 1 link downloads and first upped files there!

    make a vip chat area and allow VIPS to post porn! after all if your paying for it you already know your paying for the stuff the average vistor can`t see!

    Then charge $6-9 usd a month i`m sure you`ll get more then enough to pay for the bandwidth! Not exactly a new idea since every other site has one and has no pop up issues!

    Sorry DeadLegion your just a messenger and all but the excuses are a little weak! not from you but from all staff!

    Heres a Question? Where is the owner of this site? How come this person is never on site?

    Any other site i have ever been a member of the owner is always very Clearly there minimal of 3-6 hours a day either approving new staff editing something or other or Just Here!

    A fast search of the page source Gave me this evidence that it is ment to pop up

    var SESSIONURL = "";
    var SECURITYTOKEN = "1291164357-8b8a97ba57f1e2bdc99e92dc3cdc8ac4409ceebe";
    var IMGDIR_MISC = "gfx_vB36revisited/misc";
    var vb_disable_ajax = parseInt("0", 10);
    // -->
    var ac = true;
    function opuap() {"", "_blank","width=1024,height=1024");

    i DOUBT IT BUT IF YOUR WEBMASTER is intrested this is between lines 564 -584 of your page codes!
  7. deadlegion

    deadlegion Guest

    As I have already said > contact admin.
    If you think that is a weak excuse, then I don't know what you think smods and mods are capable of doing.
  8. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    I agree with you members, but there is nothing we Mods can do we have to wait on the owner to repair the site. I understand your frustration believe me and I am sorry you are all experiencing this, but please dont take it out on us staff, we are trying also to get the repairs done and have been for a long time. Please be patient and contact admin as deadlegion advised you to or post on here and the owner will see it.
  9. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    I have updated the Announcement to include the two popup websites..... Adding them in Adblock Plus Addon as well added steps on how to edit your "hosts" file in WINDOWS....

    This should tell your PC not to allow the listed sites to load which in turn should block the popups from coming up..

    This is NOT 100% guaranteed but it has worked for some that I have given these steps to so I have added these steps to that Announcement...


    As the others have said.... We are in the same boat as our members and also have to do preventive measures to stop these popups... we have complained to our Site ADMIN about these and are waiting for them to be removed.... In the mean time, please try what is posted and if we are able to add to the announcement with additional steps, we will..

    Good Luck
  10. nickbek

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    Apr 13, 2012
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    we have the best staff here , but its the owners /admin you need to contact as stated .. cheers to all staff!!!!
  11. GEOPYT

    GEOPYT Guest

    its not fair at all
  12. GEOPYT

    GEOPYT Guest

    but its went right down the pisher even thge alexa rank has dropped
  13. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    a year ago the Alexa rating was around 1100
  14. Ladybbird

    Ladybbird Guest

    What is the rating now? Geo I have moved one of your posts.
  15. nickbek

    nickbek New Member

    Apr 13, 2012
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  16. Moloch

    Moloch Guest

    To all Staff.

    I wasn`t trying to imply that any of you were not doing your job!

    I think the staff of this site are second to none i also realize only the owner/webmaster can adjust the php coding.

    sorry been away a few days or would have clarified that before
  17. michaelbeck7

    michaelbeck7 Guest

    It's that way at alot of sites these days. It's gotten to where I go into my Internet Explorer and change my Security setting to high before going in. It keeps all the pop-ups away. I have to change back to medium to download, but at least it allows me to browse unaffected...
  18. darklighterrr

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    Jun 21, 2012
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    just use firefox and adblockpro it blocks 99% for the crap you get from this site.
    if a user isnt computer savi they will not know they need to change settings
    and they will just end up with infections from here and other porly administrated sites.

    its a real shame this place has gone down hill. as it used to be one of my daily visited sites. now i find my self coming back once evey 2 months. poor show
    NZB sites FTW
  19. LynnePBaker

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    Sep 24, 2014
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    Thanks Catch & itisjustforfun i have nothing to add to this thread as im sick of all the complaints from members.

  20. itisjust4fun

    itisjust4fun Guest

    The rating is always shown at the very bottom of every page........ Just scroll down and check it out...

    Currently as of this post


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