Three Days & Trys dienos (1991)

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    Language: Lithuanian / Russian (with optional subtitles)

    In this first feature by Bartas* two young men take a trip from their village to Kaliningrad* the postwar Russian city built on the remains of Prussian Königsberg. In the gray industrial landscapes there* they meet a young woman* stroll through town* stand around* search the harbor front unsuccessfully for a place to make love* then part. The words they exchange reveal hardly anything about them* their body language not much more. While what we see is uneventful* Bartas* like Sokurov* uses indeterminate ambient sound that hints at meaningful social interaction occurring elsewhere* offscreen. In the minimal* poetic world of Bartas* life is always somewhere other than where the camera is.

    980 Mb. XviD | 640x464 | 25.00 fps | 1626 Kbps.
    Audio: MP3 | 160 Kbps VBR | 48000 Hz | stereo.
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    Optional English* French* Spanish* German and Dutch subtitles (.srt) included.

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