Three... Extremes (2004)

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    Genre: Horror
    Subtitle: English

    In Fruit Chan's Dumplings* shot by Christopher Doyle* Mrs. Li (Miriam Yeung)*
    a thirtysomething former actress with a philandering husband (Tony Leung) goes
    to visit Aunt Mei (Bai Ling)* who sells the most expensive dumplings in Hong
    Kong. Mrs. Li knows about their rejuvenating powers* and she also knows about
    their unpleasant main ingredient* but after some initial nausea* she digs right in.

    In Oldboy writer/director Park Chan-wook's Cut* a successful filmmaker (Lee Byung-hun)
    arrives home to find that a disgruntled extra (Lim Won-hee) has taken over his home*
    and fastened his pianist wife (Kang Hye-jun of Oldboy) to the grand piano. The madman
    threatens to cut off the wife's fingers* one by one* unless the director strangles the
    helpless child he's tied to the couch.

    In Box* about a young author and former circus performer* Kyoko (Kyoko Hasegawa)
    seemingly haunted by the ghost of her twin sister* who died a mysterious and horrible
    death while practicing their act. Adding to Kyoko's trauma* her editor (Atsuro Watabe)
    is a dead ringer for her old stepfather/ringmaster* who may have perished in the same
    "accident" that took her sister's life.
    CD 1
    CD 2

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