Three on a Meathook (1972)

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    Four girls on their way home from a weekend at the lake find themselves stranded when their car stalls. A nice local boy offers them accommodations at the farm house he shares with his father. Ghastly murder ensues a-la "Psycho" with lots of blood and gratuitous nudity. The father defends his innocent son, as he has in the past, when the boy is blamed for the blood bath. Later, when the boy meets a girl and begins falling in love, the father dreads a repeat performance.

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    Charles Kissinger... Pa Townsend
    James Pickett... Billy Townsend
    Sherry Steiner... Sharon
    Madelyn Buzzard
    John Shaw

    self-extracting rar-archive; download all parts, open, extract.
    no password required.

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    thank you!!
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    :heyo: Hey man, I REALLY like this... THNX 4 th' post... "THE 70s @ its BEST!!!"

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