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    Audio - Japanese
    Year : 2005
    Genre : Horror
    Subtitle : English
    Run Time : 85 minutes

    Casts :
    Seiji Chihara
    Yuka Hayashi
    Sachiko Kokubu

    Synopsis :
    Meet the megalopolis dwellers. Owner of a design company at central Tokyo* Yumiko Osawa (Sachiko Kokubu) repeatedly encounters creepy events: a strange woman who rings the doorbell at dawn* and a neighbor who* Yumiko senses might be abusing children. One day Yumiko receives a garish letter* made out of scraps of paper stitched together with piano wire. _I know you were born to marry me_. Who could have written such a thing&

    Welcome to megalopolis in chaos! BASED ON THE TRUE STORY! Director from TOMIE* a big hit horror movie in Japan* will make you realize What the scariest thing is in the world! One day* a letter arrives and says* "I know you were born to marry me!"

    To return to reality from these unnerving happenings* Yumiko attended her school reunion. Then she received an anonymous letter: inside was her school picture covered in blood. Eventually* she started to remember suppressed memories---ghastly images began to flit across her mind. And the loathsome groom is coming.

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    Teþekkürler... :)

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