NitroFlare Topaz ReMask.5.0.1 (Mac OS X)

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    Topaz ReMask 5.0.1 DC 30.09.2015 Plug-in for Photoshop (Mac OS X)

    Anyone editing photos must be able to select the exact objects or sections, which is essential to improving your photos. This ability to select objects and cutout backgrounds provides greater flexibility to your post processing workflow making essential editing tasks like background replacement, selective adjustments, repositioning and multi-layer compositions effortless.

    With ReMasks powerful and controllable tools you can quickly and easily select any part of your image. Like a pair of digital scissors, ReMask allows you to define the edges of an object and intuitively
    cut it out which as a photographer, saves you both time and money.

    ReMask Highlights
    Color decontamination technology to help solve color bleed issues
    Better hair extraction technology
    Refining Toolset for fine-tuning masks and foreground color
    Ability to handle certain types of transparent objects
    Color selection brushes for complex objects such as trees and veils
    Ability to save and load tri-map and masks
    Auto-create layer and auto-create mask options
    2-screen or 4-screen viewing for mask accuracy

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