Torso (1973)

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    Rating: 6.3/10
    Runtime: 92
    Language: English
    Country: Italy
    Color: Colour

    Description: Gorgeous girls and gruesome horror.... that's pretty much all this "Carnal Violence" has got to offer. But let this just be all I was expecting and hoping to see! Sergio Martino's milestone giallo is a prime example of everything this brilliant Italian horror sub genre represents and everything the fans adore so much. Truly beautiful girls (all with exhibitionist-tendencies!) attending a Roman college are stalked and brutally slain by a killer wearing an eerie mask and a red 'n black scarf. When a second girl is found horribly mutilated, the few remaining girls flee to a countryside villa to recover, but the malevolent butcher follows them. The plot is pretty much standard, there aren't as many twists here as in other gialli and Martino inserts a couple of authentic clichés (black gloves, broken dolls...) but there isn't a boring moment to detect anywhere! This movie is incredibly suspenseful from start to finish and the extremely violent images are somehow illustrated stylishly. Some of the make-up effects are quite staggering and especially the death of Carol (in the woods) impressed me enormously. The climax, in which the last remaining heroine desperately hides for the maniac, is amazingly compelling and it makes this movie a must for all giallo-fans. The score is breath-taking and the acting is far above average as far as I'm concerned. People that keep nagging about the supposedly "awful" dubbing should either stop watching European horror or learn Italian. The version of "Carnal Violence" I purchased was entirely dubbed in Spanish but I didn't allow this to bother me for one second. I was too occupied becoming one with the creepy atmosphere and the ravishing eye-candy. "Carnal Violence" absolutely, positively is a GREAT horror gem and it all the more proves that Sergio Martino is a shamefully underrated director. His horror movies are hard to find, but oh so worth it!

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    gr8 stuff kartal thanks
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