Toy Story 3 | 2010 | DVD | MKV - 350 mb

Discussion in 'Archive' started by caroll, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Part1 and 2 (rars) downloaded, but having problems accessing part3 rar. Has part 3 been deleted? Thanks. Awaiting your answer...
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    I finally got the third part, thanks, but now the film won't play. It makes my VLC-player shut down. :-(

    I checked my VLC-player (by playing other mkv movie files with it) and there's no problem with them, so it's just this Toy Story 3 mkv film of yours that causes the player's breakdown.

    Just thought I'd warn others to avoid them wasting their time downloading it.
  4. thanks for your advice
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    thanks mate
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    @mator thx for your warning mate
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    If in doubt - alway search this site to see what the other guys has posted...if everyone else has only posted a TS or a CAM then obviously it is a fake post....?! Easy.....

    If it is a "newbie" post - then you SHOULD check before you a search first!

    I'm not saying that all "newbie post" are fakes - but unfortunately there is a lot of clowns on the internet that just want to score points from their "file hosting site" by getting you to download those fake files.....
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    this post is real but don't believe me downloaded this real post yes of course
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    thanx for the great kids will be very happy.
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    I can verify that this is indeed real Thanks for the effort caroll :-D
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    good movie

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