Tráfico (1998)

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 112
    Language: Portuguese
    Country: Portugal
    Color: Color

    Description: It all begins when an average family (slightly chilly because they're forced to take their vacation out of season) is struck by good fortune.
    Jesus the couple's young son, finds a hidden and forbidden treasure in the sands of a deserted beach: the wealth of the hearth.
    The same day, and not so far away, two priests decide to close the doors to their church due to lack of a congregation, and auction off the images of their beloved saints.
    Between the wealth of the heavens and the spirit of matter they embark on an adventure. A banker with auditory hallucinations when he talks about money.
    The replies of a minister with visual hallucinations when influences are concerned.
    An elegant, suave and mysterious woman, with a beatiful wig and splendid colors, excites everything wherever she goes.
    A general dealing with arms trafficking and his little wife dealing with arts, Olympuses and ridiculous hair.
    A crazy cast of numerous characters... and even more adventures.
    Tráfico is a tangled tale about how the true and old rich people have fun, how the new and false rich people encounter difficulties and how everything ends up well...

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