Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen/ 2009/ x264 STG/ 400MB/4 parts

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    Transformers 2 Revenge Of The Fallen x264 STG 400MB


    Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen STG
    Release Date......:24/06/09                           
    Theatre Date......:24/06/09                         
    DVD Runtime.......:02:19:27                                           
    IMDb URL..........:
    IMDB Rating.......:7.5/10                                                 
    Video Codec.......: MKV                                       
    Audio Codec.......:MP3                                     
    Audio Bitrate.....:128                                     
    Resolution...... 704 x 304                  
    Firstly i would like to thank the audio suppliers,too be honest not sure who did what otherwise
    i would give a shout out to you....but you know who you are so thanks ;-)
    Right sources...russian video,to be honest quite poor for a russian cam....too much red,too bright,missing footage.
    Audio 1 not to bad for cam but nothing special at all.....but hey it's better than nothing
    Audio 2 slightly worse then the first i think due to the clipping on loud action scenes.
    Loads :lol:
    First thing was to filter the video.....changing the rgb colours,lowering the rgb black base also messed with the
    chroma (reducing it) increasing the gamma,lum slightly and adding more contrast.
    Also used a touch of video noise reduction and some contour filter.
    Also i had to remove 20 sec on pure black screen half way through....didn't see the point in keeping it
    Will say now though this is missing 34 secs off the ending,20 secs pure black screen (removed) and about 1min at the
    1hr 25mins 48 secs mark.
    Then it was now onto to the audio .....for this i needed to fine the start and match it up and also needed to find the audio off
    audio 2 to fill in the missing blanks.....In the end i decided to use audio 2 from the 1hr 25 min mark as it was easier to sync this way.
    once done i joined by files together and then ran a noise reduction filter and also changed the EQ slightly.....hasn't made a major difference,
    but it's better
    After i stretched the audio to match the runtime of the russian video and then began to sync it....24 cuts later i finally got there.
    Now there might be some slight oos in parts and if there is it won't be by much and not for long.....just that some parts were hard to tell,due to
    different reasons. 





    No pass. pls say thanks
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    good mate

    thanx u

    i like filerack link
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    U have RS or MU please!Thanks!
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    good mate:)
    thanx u
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    :heyo:Thanx for the post and all the work to post it...
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    Mediafire Please,.,.,. :girl_cray2:
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    hmmm....shud v wait for R5????
    will it take months???
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    welcome frndz..!!
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    thanks so much :spruce_up:
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    This forum is mainly for RS.. why all change here and there,...
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    in rapidshare files are deleted in 10 min people report it so fast and they get deleted.
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    ouw man..
    bad quality one!:cray:
    i'd rather wait the r5..
    thnx anyway! :triniti:
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    Muchas Gracias por el Aporte, Thanks!!!
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    thanks can't wait to see this.

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