Transformers.Revenge.of.the.Fallen / 2009 / DVDRip-MKV / 350 MB / 4 PARTS

Discussion in 'Archive' started by odem, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. odem

    odem Guest


    Transformers.Revenge.of.the.Fallen.DVDRip MKV
    Format : MKV
    Size : 350 MB 

  2. azazel888

    azazel888 Guest

    awesome share...thanx
  3. kepengen

    kepengen Guest

    RS link please...
    thanks anyway
  4. onlyrasel

    onlyrasel Guest

    RS Mirror Plz
  5. charmaine

    charmaine Guest

    the imbt release is not at all good. the audio is horrible and video is still filtered TS. need to wait for a real reliable release.
  6. kacangkacang

    kacangkacang Guest

    so this file is fake --':viannen_06:
  7. traidx

    traidx Guest

    thanks for the feedback charmaine!
    i've been waiting for a dvdrip release of this one and would have wasted my time DLing this cause the screenshot looks better than the previous release.
  8. very very bad quality it is not dvdrip quality
  9. cyberstud87

    cyberstud87 Guest

    ohhh.....dis is not good??
  10. odem

    odem Guest

    Plz guys , If you do not know , do not comment.
    this is the reencoded DVDRIP-iMBT
    I f you want The source of this mkv version ,
  11. dvxusername

    dvxusername Guest

    this is NOT dvdrip quality... beware people
  12. odem

    odem Guest

    If anyone download this , plz confirm .
  13. deep_singh

    deep_singh Guest

    thanx 4 d info mate.
    ws abt 2 d/l this 1.
  14. good did

    good did Guest

  15. dee_dan

    dee_dan Guest

    I didn`t know if this is bad or not... but im going to give it a try...

    Thanks Odem for sharing...
  16. dvxusername

    dvxusername Guest

    Even if this is DVDRIP, this particular version looks badly encoded. Even screenshots confirm this. No offense to the poster. Or maybe the original source itself is fake/bad DVDRIP. Just my views. :)
  17. ehsan11

    ehsan11 Guest

  18. charmaine

    charmaine Guest

    a blue ray rip has been released by group prestige. the audio is awesome and so as the video. here's a little screeny:

  19. odem

    odem Guest

    it is 8 GB mate .
  20. charmaine

    charmaine Guest

    yeah i know. just gotta make it smaller now :D

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