Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 8: Animation

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    [Digital-Tutors] Transforming Robot Production Pipeline Volume 8: Animation
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    In this tutorial, we will learn about the animation process of the transforming robot. Throughout these lessons, we'll cover the workflow used to animate the robot while breaking down each stage of the performance from beginning to end. We'll also modify the robot's riwith add-ons for more control. By the end of the course, you'll have the understanding needed to animate your own transforming robot.

    1. Introduction and project overview
    2. Setting up the scene
    3. Modifying the control rig
    4. Adding subtle variations to the truck as it drives forward
    5. Playblasting the sequence and animating tire pressure
    6. Preparing for the transformation
    7. Roughing in the vehicle's transformation
    8. Animating the truck's grill during the transformation
    9. Transforming the truck bed's side panels
    10. Finalizing the truck's rough transformation
    11. The initial blocking pass of the robot
    12. The next stage of the robot's blocking pass
    13. The final blocking pass
    14. Smoothing out the robot's performance
    15. The robot's transformation pass
    16. The final animation


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