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    The Rusty Cooley Code Archive presents the fearsome power of a shred master via the unprecedented clarity of high-speed, slow-motion video.

    The instant when a punishing Rusty Cooley rhythm part relents, just long enough for his forearm to tense, and his elbow to lock into firing position, is like the frozen silence of anticipation between the lighting flash and the thunder clap. You know whatÆs coming ù the only question is how scary itÆs going to be.
    And when the barrage arrives, itÆs like the infamous first drop on the Brooklyn Cyclone. RustyÆs hyperdrive mode charges the room with kinetic and sonic energy, and the excitement sucks all the air from your lungs.

    RustyÆs hyperdrive, an extra gear that only he possesses, is nearly impossible to reverse engineer at his usual playing speeds. Standing even a foot away from his picking hand produces nothing but a blur to both the eye and the traditional camera. As if this werenÆt enough, RustyÆs medium-speed playing employs an entirely different, Steve Morse-like rotational mechanic. This approach is crunchy and articulate, even across atypical picking patterns. The descending fours pattern, when started on a downstroke to emphasize inside picking, as well as the famous Paul Gilbert lick, when inverted to begin with an upstroke, are diagnostic torture tests for the right hand. RustyÆs takes on them are unfailingly accurate, and you can see them both in the archive.
    RustyÆs completely instinctive utilization of diverse motion mechanics nearly makes him two guitarists in one. HeÆs a fascinating study in the deeply intuitive nature of our most sophisticated physical skills. His technique also underscores one of the principal themes of the Cracking the Code project: musical and physical intuition frequently defy verbal articulation and even conscious awareness. This makes RustyÆs otherworldly abilities ù intimidatingly alien at first listen ù even more impressively human as a result.

    55 clips of Rusty's fearsomely innovative lead playing, in four formats: wide, pick hand closeup, pick hand closeup 50% speed, and pick hand closeup 20% speed. Includes tablature in Guitar Pro and PDF, and complete picking instructions.


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