NitroFlare TrueFire: Little by Little - Tommy Emmanuel

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    Truefire - Little by little - Tommy Emmanuel
    MP4+MP3+PDF | AVC 966kbps | English | 864x468 | 29.97fps | 5 hours | AAC stereo 128kbps | 3.57 GB
    Genre: Video Training​
    This interactive video course features over five hours of multi-angle video guitar lessons for full performance versions of Half Way Home, The Jolly Swagman, Locomotivation, Haba Na Haba, Tears For Jerusalem, Waiting For A Plane, The Finger Lakes, The Welsh Tornado, Ruby's Eyes, Jack Magic, Papa George, Countrywide, The Mighty Mouse, Moon River, Mountains of Illinois and Smokey Mountain Lullaby. Hands down, Tommy Emmanuel is the most charismatic, soulful, accomplished and technically brilliant fingerstyle guitar player walking the planet today. Tommy is also extraordinarily inventive on the fretboard, which makes learning his songs, and playing them correctly, extremely challenging because it's so difficult to discern exactly what Tommy is doing with both his right and left hands.

    Table of Contents:
    162 Total Video Lessons

    Little By Little
    Halfway Home: 1
    Halfway Home: 2
    Halfway Home: 3
    Halfway Home: 4
    Halfway Home: 5
    Halfway Home: 6
    Halfway Home: 7
    Halfway Home: 8
    Halfway Home: 9
    Halfway Home: 10
    The Jolly Swagman: 1
    The Jolly Swagman: 2
    The Jolly Swagman: 3
    The Jolly Swagman: 4
    The Jolly Swagman: 5
    The Jolly Swagman: 6
    The Jolly Swagman: 7
    The Jolly Swagman: 8
    The Jolly Swagman: 9
    The Jolly Swagman: 10
    Locomotivation: 1
    Locomotivation: 2
    Locomotivation: 3
    Locomotivation: 4
    Locomotivation: 5
    Locomotivation: 6
    Locomotivation: 7
    Locomotivation: 8
    Locomotivation: 9
    Locomotivation: 10
    Haba Na Haba: 1
    Haba Na Haba: 2
    Haba Na Haba: 3
    Haba Na Haba: 4
    Haba Na Haba: 5
    Haba Na Haba: 6
    Haba Na Haba: 7
    Haba Na Haba: 8
    Haba Na Haba: 9
    Haba Na Haba: 10
    Tears For Jerusalem: 1
    Tears For Jerusalem: 2
    Tears For Jerusalem: 3
    Tears For Jerusalem: 4
    Tears For Jerusalem: 5
    Tears For Jerusalem: 6
    Tears For Jerusalem: 7
    Tears For Jerusalem: 8
    Tears For Jerusalem: 9
    Tears For Jerusalem: 10
    Waiting For

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