NitroFlare TTC Video - Theories of Human Development With Malcolm W. Watson

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    TTC Video - Theories of Human Development With Malcolm W. Watson
    Course No. 197 | .AVI, XviD, 911 kbps, 720x544 | English, MP3, 160 kbps, 2 Ch | 24x30 mins | + PDF Guidebook | 5.62 GB
    Lecturer: Malcolm W. Watson, Ph.D.​

    Have you ever wondered where the terms "terrible twos'' and "identity crisis" come from?
    Did you know that the notion that children are different from adults, and require special care, is only about 200 years old?
    Did you know we can trace most of our modern ideas about children to just two renowned thinkers of the 17th and 18th centuries?

    24 Lectures
    01. Introduction-The Value of Theories
    02. The Early History of Child Study
    03. Two Worldviews-Locke vs. Rousseau
    04. Later History-Becoming Scientific
    05. Freud's Psychodynamic Theory
    06. How We Gain Contact with Reality-The Ego
    07. Freud's Psycho-Sexual Stages
    08. Erikson's Psycho-Social Theory
    09. Erikson's Early Stages
    10. Identity and Intimacy
    11. Erikson's Later Stages-Adult Development
    12. Bowlby and Ainsworth's Attachment Theory
    13. How Nature Ensures That Attachment Will Occur
    14. Development of Secure and Insecure Attachments
    15. Early Attachments and Adult Relationships
    16. Bandura's Social Learning Theory
    17. Bandura's Self-Efficacy Theory
    18. Piaget's Cognitive-Developmental Theory
    19. Piaget's Early Stages
    20. Concrete Operations
    21. Piaget's Last Stage
    22. Vygotsky's Cognitive-Mediation Theory
    23. Vygotsky's Zone of Proximal Development
    24. Conclusions-Our Nature and Development

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