NitroFlare Tube Caller & Tube Communicator

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    Tube Caller & Tube Communicator

    Salespage :
    So, here is what you get.....
    Click To Call Training
    The Video Course That Teaches...

    How to set up your YouTube channel to use clickable buttons
    How to use YouTube cards for adding the call feature buttons
    How to use our magic code to enable the click to call functionality

    The Magic Code
    A PDF With Info & The Code For Making The Calls

    Simple step by step reference PDF
    The Magic code that makes the click to call work!
    Simply copy and paste the code

    Pre-Made, Ready To Use Buttons
    Use these graphics as-is, or customize them

    Pre-Made YouTube Cards graphic templates to use in the videos
    Use them as-is, or edit them in Photoshop to fit your needs
    Quality Designs for a professional look

    Introducing Tube Communicator!
    An Advanced Course, which teaches you to add even more to your videos!

    After all, there are MANY ways that a customer may want to contact you!
    Click To Text

    Now you can have people contact you directly from YouTube through a Text Message (SMS). The viewer clicks a button, and the text box pops up on their phone! Great for text opt-ins!
    Click To Email

    Would you rather have people contact you via email? Add the email button, and when people click, the email box pops open. ou can even have a subject pre-set!
    Click To Skype

    Perhaps Skype is your preferred contact method. Add a Skype button, and you can have people do a voice call or a Skype chat message!
    Click To Google Map

    Want to show people where your business is, or have them get directions right from your video? Add a Google Map button, and they can automatically pull up location and/or directions!


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