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    Typinator 6.7 | MacOSX | 7.52 MB
    Typinator - is a simple application that saves you time by inserting a ready-made templates, instead you set rate.

    For example, typing "signature.", Instead it will automatically be inserted:
    * First Name Last Name
    * Position
    * E-Mail, Phone
    * A great app for those who often enters the same information. The application can insert both text and images. The application has also built sets hotstrings. Such as: Snippets HTML, errata (Eng.), And others.
    * You can use Typinator to ...
    * Quickly enter the greeting phrase.
    * Setting the standard list of text that will be used to respond to e-mail.
    * Inserting the current date and / or time in any format with a few keystrokes.
    * Automatic correction of the most frequent typos in all applications system.
    * The predefined sets for auto-correction, HTML, Filemaker functions.
    * Importot other printing utilities, including Textpander.
    * TextExpander, and TypeIt4Me.
    * Inserting images, such as smilies or bullets.
    * Type the characters Unicode, several regular typing special characters (for example, type -> to insert an arrow).
    * Define abbreviations for frequently used commands Unix.
    * Quickly create templates for code fragments, if you are a programmer, and more.

    What's new in Version 6.7:
    * Typinator is now scriptable.
    * Scripts in the Includes folder can now be stored in compiled form (extension "scpt").
    * Scripts can be written in both AppleScript and javascript.
    * Typinator now supports the Baidu Pinyin input methods for Chinese.
    * New built-in function for inserting arbitrary Unicode characters in expansions.
    * New built-in function for pasting the contents of the clipboard.
    * New diagnostics function for analyzing issues with expansions.
    * Works around a situation in which a new version could not be installed because an active older version would not quit.
    * Works around a problem in MS Word 2016 that caused the creation of bookmarks around copied text fragments.
    * Fixes an issue with the tab order in the Typinator window.
    * Works around an expansion problem in the login window of Copy.
    * Works around a problem where the built-in installer got confused when a previous version of Typinator had been moved to the trash.
    * Solves a problem that caused Typinator to crash when the User's Guide was opened.
    * Fixes an issue with opening the Regular Expressions cheat sheet in French.
    * Fixes an expansion problem with Messenger for Facebook.
    * Works around incompatibilities with PhpStorm and other JetBrains products.
    * Fixes an issue that caused a screen switch in full-screen mode in some applications.
    * Fixes incorrect expansion of certain regular expressions when the "combine with previous expansion" option was turned off.
    * Fixes a broken icon in the tutorial.
    * Works around an expansion issue in Mail where multiple spaces were sometimes replaced by single spaces.
    * Works around an issue that caused checks for new versions to fail on El Capitan.

    OS - MacOSX 10.6.6 or Later

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