NitroFlare U-he Plugins Pack October 2015 Updates (Mac OS X)

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    U-he Plugins Pack October 2015 Updates (Mac OS X)
    14.10.2015 | AU/VST 32/64 | 391 MB​
    Today we are rolling out updates for almost all of our plugins ... even the free ones like Podolski. These updates are the result of a summer long effort of collecting, prioritising, filtering, implementing and refining a slew of outstanding bugs and feature requests. The end result is a long list of improvements and bug fixes. Briefly, the updates are:

    UI improvements:
    - All plugin UIs now have 10% scaling, from 70% to 200%.
    - The ACE UI is now clearer and has new modulation sources.
    - Diva UI was also improved for increased clarity.
    - The Zebra2 "Unempty Dark Horse" skin is now complete.
    - And finally, a number of small graphics issues in various plugins are fixed.
    Configuration Menu: Bazille, Zebra2, Hive, Diva, ACE and Podolski now have a configuration menu (look for the cogwheel icon). This menu houses:
    - MIDI learn: a visual overlay for assigning MIDI controls to the plugin interface.
    - MIDI list table: editable list of assigned MIDI controls.
    - Preferences: global settings for controls, appearance and audio.
    Host/DAW issues:
    - The "Missing UI" in Logic and Studio One is fixed.
    - A number of small issues were fixed in Logic X, Studio One, Cubase, Reaper, Digital Performer, ProTools, Maschine and Kore.
    Everything else: These updates include a heap of general improvements: fixed hanging and dropped notes, improved MIDI timing, new FX parameters and much more.

    ACE v1.4 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Bazille v1.1 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Diva v1.4 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Filterscape v1.4.1 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Hive v1.1 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    MFM2 v2.2.1 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Presswerk v1.1 (rev 3471) Mac OS X
    Satin v1.2 (rev 2577) Mac OS X
    Uhbik v1.3.1 (rev 3898) Mac OS X
    Zebra2 v2.7.2 (rev 3898) Mac OS X

    You don't need to enter a serial number. Ignore the text "demo mode" in the title of the plugins. The plugins should work fine and, hopefully, without bombs.

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