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    Ubuntu*Pack 15.04 GNOME/ MATE / Classic / Flashback | 1,54 / 1,52 / 1,42 / 1,41 / 1,54 / 1,52 / 1,54 / 1,52 GB

    Ubuntu*Pack - distributions with 4 different graphic covers designed for home and office use on a "set and forget". Contain all the necessary user applications, including packs, software to play movies and music, working with documents (MS Office, PDF, etc.), graphics, Internet, etc.

    "Ubuntu*Pack" - is the perfect system for installations to your home or work computer, so it requires no downloads additional components from the Internet, as well as "Ubuntu*Pack" is the best assistant for the firms involved in the implementation of GNU/Linux.

    Major changes in OEM Pack unlike the original Ubuntu:
    * integrated all the official updates on June 15, 2015;
    * full support for Russian, Ukrainian and English languages;
    * full support for multimedia(audio-video files of various formats such as: avi, divX, mp4, mkv, amr, aac, Adobe Flash and many others), as well as Bluray;
    * the full set of components Libre Office including support for file import MS Visio;
    * control panel 3D effects (including support for 3D cube desktop);
    * ability to use Windows-driver for the USB-adapter WiFi;
    * support for additional types of archives (RAR, ACE, ARJ and others);
    * full support for Windows-network and convenient tool for configuration;
    * enhanced support for NTFS, btrfs partitions;
    * support for multimedia keyboards;
    * user-friendly graphical management system Firewall;
    * Java is present;
    * additional drivers for printers;
    * video management system devices including Webcams.

    Advantages when installed on new computers:
    * Speed and simplicity of the preset;
    * The ability to quickly test the basic functionality build PC;
    * The system has a colorful interface. This will increase the attractiveness of the demonstration PC to potential buyers;
    * Supports a wide range of modern equipment;
    * Secure, reliable protection against viruses and the stability of the installed OS.

    To download the images available systems "Ubuntu*Pack" 15.04 in the following editions:
    * GNOME - a new vision of the desktop from GNOME developers. Its another name is GNOME Shell.

    *Interface MATE provides an intuitive and attractive environment and is a continuation of GNOME 2 development. He is actively developed to support new technologies, keeping the traditional desktop style.

    *The Classic interface is a variant of the classic desktop view GNOME 2 to GNOME 3 style.

    *The Classic interface (Flashback) - the classic desktop view for those who are accustomed to the style of GNOME 2.

    Version: 15.04 (includes all official updates to the June 2015)
    Interface language: Multilingual (Russian present)



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