NitroFlare Udaya - 40.Minute Flow Series

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    Udaya - 40 Minute Flow Series
    .MP4, AVC, 1300 kbps, 1280x720 | English, AAC, 128 kbps, 2 Ch | 3x40 mins | 1.25 GB
    Instructor: Rudy Mettia

    40 Minute Flow 1

    In this forty minute class Rudy explores a sequence focused on twists and flows. Remember to take keep your breathing deep as you sink into each pose. Do not push passed your edge and be aware of what your feeling. Sometimes it feels better to twist on an empty stomach so take that into consideration and enjoy!

    40 Minute Flow 2

    In this forty minute class Rudy explores a sequence focused on backbends. Remember to take your time as you sink into each of these poses. Pushing passed your edge in these stretches can be harmful so slowly ease towards your limit and concentrate on your breathing. Long exhales will help you explore each pose with caution and awareness.

    40 Minute Flow 3

    In this final class of the 40 Minute Flow series, Rudy will take you through sequences and postures that will open your hips and mid section. Our hips protect some of the deepest tissue in our body and tapping into that tissue can be a bit challenging at times. Let your breath be your guide through this class and you'll find a bit of tranquility in these trying postures.




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