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    Udemy - Be a Client Magnet

    "How to develop workshops that sell products and services, Your potential clients and customers need to know that what you offer will improve the quality of their life and they must trust that you are someone who can help solve their problems."

    You may have heard that people tend to buy products and service from practitioners and brands they know, like and trust. But did you know that the most effective way to build a relationship with your future clients and customers is through offering educational workshops? By teaching what you know, you get to demonstrate your expertise, increase the value you offer, and build trust.
    The Be a Client Magnet program provides a blueprint for creating and delivering effective, revenue-generating workshops.

    Learn how to:

    Expand your client base by reaching more people
    Turn the process you use every day into teachable workshop material
    Capitalize on your expertise and knowledge
    Entice your audience to buy your products or services without being "salesy"

    The Be a Client Magnet program provides video lessons taught by expert workshop facilitators Joeel & Natalie Rivera as well as detailed worksheets and templates to walk you through the process of developing your workshop.
    Whether you're a seasoned speaker or totally new to the idea of teaching what you know, this program provides proven, best-in-the-industry strategies that will give you the confidence to add workshops to your business as a powerful way to attract and retain clients.

    What are the requirements?

    Printer for worksheets or paper to hand write materials

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 17 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    Expand your client base by reaching more people
    Turn the processes you use every day into teachable workshop material
    Capitalize on your expertise and knowledge
    Entice your audience to buy your products or services without sounding "salesy"

    What is the target audience?

    Entrepreneurs looking for a new revenue stream
    Practitioners or service providers looking to attract high quality clients
    Speakers wanting to increase back-of-the-room sales discretely
    Authors looking for ways to teach their passion and sell books
    Experts or hobbiests wanting to share their passion/knowledge and get paid for it
    Retirees looking for a way to capitalize on their unique and valueable career experience and knowledge

    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Intro: What You Will Learn in This Program 06:27
    This is everything you need to know about what to expect in this course and how to get the most out of it.

    Lecture 2 Who We Are: Joeel A Rivera 08:40
    Meet instructor Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed. Learn more about his background and discover what inspired him along his journey to be where he is today.

    Lecture 3 Who We Are: Natalie Rivera 05:54
    Meet instructor Natalie Rivera. Learn more about her background and discover what inspired her along her journey to be where she is today.

    Lecture 4 Why We Are Here 05:45
    You are in the right place! This program is going to help you expand your business and make money with your mission! Find out how. We also illustrate how this program fits in with our bigger 6-step process. Pay attention-you'll need to model this later!

    Section 2: Teaching Your Expertise
    Lecture 5 Teaching Your Expertise 07:23
    It's time to put your expert hat on! Discover what you have to give and how it will change people's lives and then learn how to build your workshop around that.

    Lecture 6 Your Unique Personal Blueprint 08:24
    Discover the process you use with your clients or business and how to break it down into teachable steps.

    Lecture 7 Achieving Your Goals 05:24
    Get clear on your desired outcomes from teaching your topic and conducting workshops, both for yourself and your business.

    Lecture 8 Solving Client Problems 07:15
    Discover the secret formula for solving your clients' problems and then having them come back for more!

    Section 3: Crafting Your Workshop
    Lecture 9 Workshop Introduction: Positioning Your Self 08:26
    Discover the importance of positioning while introducing your workshops, and begin by creating a strong story to position yourself.

    Lecture 10 Workshop Introduction: Positioning Your Audience 04:04
    Learn how to create buy-in by making your audience feel they are in the right place.
    Lecture 11 Workshop Introduction: Positioning the Workshop 06:36
    Let your audience know why this material is important and how it will transform their lives.

    Lecture 12 Workshop Introduction: Positioning Your Offer 04:18
    Make sure your audience knows that you have more to offer, and say it in a way that makes them interested and makes you comfortable.

    Lecture 13 Body of Your Workshop: 5+ Main Point to Teach 05:43
    Follow this simple and powerful outline to turn your process steps into a well-written and effective workshop.

    Section 4: Wrapping Things Up
    Lecture 14 Types of Workshops 07:06
    Look at what options you have for implementing what you've learned and executing your workshops.

    Lecture 15 Closing Steps 04:20
    Learn the step by steps process on how to do an effective closing to your workshop.

    Lecture 16 Workshop Closing Part 1 11:56
    Learn the key elements to wrapping up your workshop and "closing" your audience. Use case studies to drive home your message and show them how to apply what they've learned. Plus learn different ways you can deliver your workshop.

    Lecture 17 Workshop Closing Part 2 05:38
    Learn how to close the deal by making your irresistible offer and feel totally comfortable doing it, without sounding "sales


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