NitroFlare Udemy C Plus Plus Programming In QT Framework Part 2 Tutorial

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    Udemy C Plus Plus Programming In QT Framework Part 2 Tutorial | 290 MB
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    This course is the second part for my C++ And Qt Programming For creating Powerful Softwares And Applications, and it's the continuation of my first course "C++ Programming in Qt: Create GUI Softwares".

    the students that would take this course are supposed to have an overview of Qt Framework, although, if you are a beginner then you should take my first course and then complete it with that one in order to keep track with the level of my other students that have taken both courses.

    In order to keep up with this course you should have Qt Creator installed on your computer. if so then it's ok just go ahead and watch the course until the end
    this course covers the following concepts:
    Manipulating Files in Qt using I/O Streams
    View And Model Architecture In Qt Or What we Call VMC Architecture.
    How Translate Your Softwares From a Language To another.
    if this content attract your attention then you are not wrong. feel free to take it and i promise you that at the end of this course you will boost your programming skills far from just an intermediate.



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