NitroFlare Udemy - Investing Success Learn Keys From A Millionaire Investor! (2015)

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    Udemy - Investing Success: Learn Keys From A Millionaire Investor! (2015)
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    "Learn key insights to investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, ETF and more from a millionaire investor. Investing can be mastered by anyone and for those who really learn the key concepts and best practices they will be able to reach their most challenging financial goals and lead the life they dream about."

    Unfortunately, many people do not receive the key educational information and best practices that make the difference between success and failure from a successful investor.
    Not boring theory. You will learn practical tips and best practices from an instructor who started with nothing (Actually $10,000 in student loans living in a 1-bedroom apartment above the garbage cans) to building a million dollar investment portfolio. No inheritance or luck just good sound actions over the years that you will learn about in the course and can replicate for your own personal situation.
    No get rich quick scheme or a course that is designed to sell you consulting services this course has one mission and that is all about sharing of experience and wisdom from a successful long-term investor and teaching you how you can apply it to your own goals and time horizon.

    In this course you will learn all about:

    How the current model of investing (The 3-legged Stool) is broken and how to succeed where others are doomed to fail.
    Key investing concepts that successful investors understand.
    Investing in a variety of assets class.
    Investing in mutual funds and ETF.
    Role of cash in your portfolio.
    Investing in Stocks.
    Investing in Bonds.
    Investing in Real Estate.
    Investing in other assets such as gold, silver, and collectibles
    Understanding or risk and how to calculate your own risk profile.
    Key investment mistakes to avoid that alone can make the difference between success and failure.

    What are the requirements?

    There are no prerequisites for the course or prior investment knowledge required.

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 58 lectures and 7.5 hours of content!
    Understand key investing concepts and how they can be applied in a real world setting.
    Make good choices when markets are up and when markets are down.
    Invest in company stocks with an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and risks that are involved.
    Invest in Bonds with an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and risks that are involved.
    Understand how cash investments fit in an overall portfolio.
    Invest in real estate with an understanding of the advantages, disadvantages and risks that are involved.
    Understand Active and Index mutual fund strategies.
    Evaluate mutual funds in terms of risk.
    Comprehend the similarities and differences of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) compared to mutual funds.
    Choose from core investment strategies such as value or contrarian investing, growth investing, and technical analysis.
    Avoid the dangerous investment mistakes that can really damage your results.
    Describe many different investment types from Mutual Fund Types, Stock Types, and Bond Types.
    Determine if a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a good alternative for them.
    Understand Capital Gains and Capital Losses.
    Know the advantages and disadvantages of alternative investments such as investing in Precious Metals (Gold/Silver) and Collectibles.
    Apply key action steps to reach your investment goals.

    What is the target audience?

    This investment course is great for a new investor who will learn many concepts that will help them to leap ahead.
    Great also for an experienced investor who is looking to learn even more and take their results to a higher level.
    Course is not designed for someone who is looking for a "Get Rich Quick" scheme or other questionable and unproven investing practice.

    Section 1: Introduction
    Lecture 1 Introduction] Preview 04:56
    Course overview and learn best practices on how to complete the course and ask questions!

    Lecture 2 Importance Of Having An Investment Motto (Philosophy) 05:50
    Important to have a philospohy or motto to fall back on when markets are down or feel good about when your investments and markets are up. Learn about the instructors motto that has guided him for many years of success and see examples of others as you develop your own philosphy.

    Lecture 3 The 3-Legged Investmennt Stool Is Broken!] Preview 11:03
    Many investors have relied on a 3-legged model for many years where you can expect to receive future income from. This lesson shows how two of the legs are really struggling and unreliable for most of us (Government Programs and Employer Pensions) and why we need to rely more on the 3rd leg and also beware of new 4th and 5th leg models.

    Quiz 1 Quiz: Introduction 2 questions
    Section 2: Key Investing Concepts
    Lecture 4 Compounding And What Albert Einstein Knew] Preview 06:22
    Compounding and time is powerful in a scientific manner that Einstein recognized and almost magical for us regular investors. See examples of how compunding can work in this lesson.

    Lecture 5 Diversification 05:37
    Learn how to manage risk through a variety of assets and not put all your eggs in one basket.

    Lecture 6 Liquidity 08:57
    I want my money now is at the heart of liquidity and learn contrarian ideas that has served the instructor well for long-term liquid growth.

    Lecture 7 The Importance Of Investment Goals 04:13
    Investment goals are a big part of your overall life goals particualry since they may fund some of your most audacious goals.

    Lecture 8 Active Trading Vs. Buy And Hold Investing 07:41
    Learn about the two primary investment philosophy's and beign to see where you may fit.

    Lecture 9 Time Horizon: Your New Best Friend 09:20
    Time heals all wounds and in investing time can make all the differance.

    Lecture 10 Introduction To Asset Classes 10:19
    Understanding how different asset classes work when building your own portfolio is crucial so you can weather the storm over a long investment time horiozon and match up to your own views on risk

    Lecture 11 Create An Emergency Fund 10:10
    Why it is important even before you get real deep into investing and learn some unusual ways that the instructor contructs his emergecy fund too pull out an even better return on what is invested for emergfencies.

    Lecture 12 Capital Gains: The Long And Short Of It 05:57
    Did you make money or lose money on your investment. Learn more in this lesson on Capital Gains.

    Lecture 13 Automate Or You Won't Do It 07:22
    Learn why this is so important and is a core principal for anyone wanting to achieve financial independence, retire early, or reach other goals.

    Lecture 14 Pre and Post Tax Investing 06:25
    How can this make a differnce in terms of what you keep and learn a secret concept for those who may want to retire early. Concepts in this lesson are universal but you would need to look into your own countries tax laws for specifc application.

    Lecture 15 Risk And Risk Types 12:07
    Risk is the other side of reward and cannot have one without the other. Very importnat to undersatnd the various risk types to look for no matter what type of investmnet you are considering.

    Lecture 16 How To Calculate Your Risk Profile 06:46
    Knowing the risk types is important but also very impoartant you underatsnd your own risk profile and how you would react to risk. Lesson will show an online tool you can use to calcualte your own risk profile for free.

    Quiz 2 Quiz: Key Investing Concepts 4 questions
    Section 3: Mutal Funds
    Lecture 17 The Big Dirty Secret About Mutual Funds 05:38
    Learn the secret and how you can turn it to your advatage, Go ahead and guess. Soemthing related to expenses, loads or returns? Nope. Learn what it is here in this intersting lesson.

    Lecture 18 What Is A Mutual Fund Really 04:36
    Understand at its core what is a mutual fund and role it can play in your portfolio.

    Lecture 19 Mutual Fund Types 10:58
    So many funds and so little time. How to choose? This lesson will give you the overview you need.

    Lecture 20 Active Vs. Index Funds 14:18
    What is the differnce and what does it mean for us as investors.

    Lecture 21 Target Date Funds 05:59
    Actually a relatively new fund type that many are buying into. Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of these funds and how the instructor aproaches this option.

    Lecture 22 Understanding NAV 05:21
    Lecture 23 Mutual Fund Style Box 16:12
    Learn a key to picking Stock and Bond mutual funds and how to read and fully underastnd the style box!

    Lecture 24 Load Vs, No Load Mutual Funds 11:25
    Lecture 25 Mutual Fund Expenses] Preview 08:53
    Expenses eat at your final return and this lesson goes into the different types of expenses to look out for and where to find them using a screen-cast of some examples.

    Lecture 26 ETF: Exchange Traded Funds 04:55
    Not really a mutual fund and not really an indiividual stock or bond learn how this relatively new investment prodcut is reapidly growing.

    Lecture 27 What I Look For When Buying A Mutual Fund 06:09
    See what a successful investor looks for when buying a mutual fund. Not a receomndation of any particualr fund or investment style but learn best practices that can help you with your own choices.

    Quiz 3 Quiz: Mutual Funds 4 questions
    Section 4: Cash Investments
    Lecture 28 Role Of Cash In Your Portfolio 07:00
    Learn why is cash is king but beware of low returns and inflation.

    Quiz 4 Quiz: Cash 1 question
    Section 5: Stocks
    Lecture 29 What Is A Company Stock Really 06:15
    What is a company stock and the differnce between common stock and prefered stock.

    Lecture 30 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stocks 06:16
    Stocks can be great but need to undersatnd the advantegs and disadvanteges when purchasing these investments.

    Lecture 31 Stock Market Historical Returns 06:07
    The long-term return of stocks is impressive and out paces inflation. Visually see the ups and downs and what it means for investors.

    Lecture 32 Value Investing Strategy] Preview 05:22
    Do you like dividends? How about investing in companies that also may be doing a turnaround. Think the word contrarian sounds cool? learn all about value investing here.

    Lecture 33 Growth Investing Strategy 04:01
    Like a top performaer that will continue to rocket up? Then you are ntersted in the growth investing startegy.

    Lecture 34 Technical Analysis Investing Startegy 03:43
    If you think fundamentals is over-rated and like a nice chart and trends then you will liek this lesson on technical analysis.

    Lecture 35 Dividend Stock Investing 13:29
    Investing in stocks that pay a dividend give you a great 1-2 punch. Potential price apreciation and quarterly income from the dividends. Learn more in this lesson and how to choose dividend paying stocks.

    Lecture 36 How I Buy Stocks 07:23
    See what a successful investor looks for when buying company stock. Not a recommendation of any particular stock or investment style but learn the best practices that can help you with your own choices.

    Quiz 5 Quiz: Stocks 4 questions
    Section 6: Bonds
    Lecture 37 What Is A Bond Really 03:12
    At its core what is a bond?

    Lecture 38 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Bonds 05:54
    Learn more about bonds and their advanteges and disadvanteges so you can see where they fit in your portfolio.

    Lecture 39 Types Of Bonds And How Each Can Help You 07:21
    There is confusing array of bond types and names. This lesson boils it down into an undersatandable format that will help you with your enxt bond or bond fund selection.

    Lecture 40 Bond Ladder Investment Strategy 07:54
    A strategy to reduce risk and generate income using bonds. Partuicularly key for anyone looking for a regualr income stream such as in retiremernt.

    Lecture 41 How I Select Bonds For My Portfolio 04:31
    See what a successful investor looks for when buying bonds. Not a recommendation of any particular bond or mutal fund or investment style but learn best practices that can help you with your own choices.

    Quiz 6 Quiz: bonds 4 questions
    Section 7: Real Estate
    Lecture 42 Is My Home An Investment? 07:40
    Yes and no. It is an asset you hope will appreciate in value but do you live in an investment?

    Lecture 43 What I Look For When Buying A Home 08:06
    See what a successful investor looks for when buying a home. What are the key best practices that consider not only current enjoyment in the home but an eye for a future sale.

    Lecture 44 Rental Properties 07:38
    Like a dividend stock rental properties can provide current income along with future price appreciation. Understand the advantages and disadvantages before you become a real estate mogul or landlord.

    Lecture 45 REIT: Real Estate Investment Trusts 03:49
    REIT can give you great income and a very liquid way to become involved with real estate without all the headaches of tenants calling you at 3 am in the morning with a problem.

    Quiz 7 Quiz: Real Estate 4 questions
    Section 8: Other Investment Types
    Lecture 46 Precious Metals: Gold, Silver, Etc... 03:49
    Learn where this type of investment can fit as a hedge against inflation.

    Lecture 47 Collectables 02:18
    Is your hobby actually an investment. What are the factors involved when investing in collectibles.

    Quiz 8 Quiz: Other Investment Types 2 questions
    Section 9: Volatility And Market Movement
    Lecture 48 What To Do When Markets Go Up] Preview 04:54
    Be happy the markets are up and so are your investments but what do you do now and mistakes to avoid.

    Lecture 49 What To Do When Markets Go Down 06:23
    Nice when markets are up but what about when they are way down and so are the bulk of your investments. Do you sell? Do you stay the course? Learn from an instructor who has experienced significant market declines and the startegies to see them through.

    Lecture 50 Harvesting Losses Strategy 06:52
    Turn your losses into less of a loss by using this tax advnatge stratgy. Silver lining when you sell a loser the right way. Like any tax startegy concept is sound as it relates to capital gains and capital losses but look to your own countires tax laws for specifc application.

    Quiz 9 Quiz: Volatility and Market Movement 2 questions
    Section 10: Key Mistakes To Avoid
    Lecture 51 Why Many Rich People Live Paycheck To Paycheck...And How You Can Avoid That 05:45
    Its true. What does this mean for us the successful investor and how can we avoid that fate?

    Lecture 52 Carefull: People Talk About Winners But Not Losers 05:22
    Don't fall into the trap that your neighbor or the blowhard at the office is really an investing genius. They probably are not and thier advice can do real damage to your portfolio.

    Lecture 53 Curse Of The Employer Stock And Diversification 05:01
    Invest in what you know is a good investing maxim and what do you know better than your own company but beware when you invest in your own company and the compunding of problems that can lead to disaster.

    Lecture 54 Listening to Television, Magazines, And Internet 06:30
    Smart folks on the Television know all about what is best for you right? Nope. Learn how your instructor made a big mistake easrly in investing career by litening to the entertainers I mean experts in the media. Do they care about you as an indivudal or is it more about ratings?

    Lecture 55 Who Are The Jones's And Why Do We Try To Keep Up With Them 05:14
    You need money to fuel your investments and to reach your goals and comparing ourselves to others and needing to spend on material things saps our resources as demonstrated in this old saying. Don;t live like a pauper but keep your eye on the investment ball and your future.

    Quiz 10 Quiz: Key Mistakes To Avoid 3 questions
    Section 11: Next Steps
    Lecture 56 Does Money Buy Happiness? 03:53
    Learn the surprising truth from several studies and the instructors opinion when looking at this introspective question.

    Quiz 11 Quiz: Does Money Buy Happiness? 1 question
    Lecture 57 Top 5 Action Steps To Take Now + Bonus Step 06:11
    Congratulations you have reached the end of the course! What are some key steps you can do now to turn what you learned into action to reach your goals!

    Section 12: Follow Along Guide
    Lecture 58 Follow Along Guide 48 pages
    Print the Follow Along Guide to take make note taking easy!
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