Udemy - Learn JAVA : Faster- Easier- Fun with innovation: SPERL!

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    Udemy - Learn JAVA: Faster- Easier- Fun with innovation: SPERL!
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    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    Learn programming faster and in an easy way using our proven patent pending innovation: SPERL

    Learn JAVA programming using our innovative method: Smart Programming Education via Reverse Learning (SPERL). SPERL is an innovative proven patent pending method for learning programming faster, easier , and in a fun way!

    You will learn how to write programs using SPERL to display text or mathematical results. You will also deal with different types of messages. This includes showing messages in boxes, displaying questions in boxes and receiving answers from users, and selecting an item from a drop down list of items.

    Above all, you will also learn step by step how to develop a number guessing game using SPERL and how to transfer the program into Netbeans to execute it.

    In addition, you will be able to get a free unlimited access to the SPERL application by taking the course "Introduction to JAVA programming using SPERL with LAB" on Udemy.
    What are the requirements?

    No previous knowledge is required.
    The course will show how to download and install Netbeans
    To get free access to SPERL application please take the course "Introduction to JAVA using SPERL with Lab" at Udemy.

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 11 lectures and 34 mins of content!
    Understand the innovative concept of Smart Programming Education Via reverse Learning (SPERL)
    Learn how to get access to SPERL
    Learn writing JAVA programs in an innovative way using SPERL and transferring the programs to Netbeans
    Install JAVA JDK and Netbeans to run programs
    Write simple programs to display messages
    Write simple programs to receive a user.s input
    write a simple program to select an item form a list
    write a grogram for a JAVA game such as the guess number application




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