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    Udemy - Odoo (Open ERP) Basics
    MP4 | Video: 1152x720 | 48 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 8 Hours | 1.59 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    Gain a comprehensive Understanding of Odoo ERP To Work With The System On A Daily Basis & Educate Others.

    I worked with several software tools for different tasks within several companies.(Most of them were clients of my own company - a digital business consultancy). Most corporations are facing the same challenges - the better the business, the more employees and the faster the growth; but at the same time processes & internal organization become increasingly complex.

    Due to organic growth all companies face one moment in their history, where they realize, that their digital structure, they once started with causes more problems, than it solves, because it is too static - too small. Or they find themselves in the middle of 30 insular software tools for certain tasks, that need to be connected via APIs to have a useful information flow within the company. This way of building a digital infrastructure is expensive, not transparent, complicated and far away from being stabile.

    Odoo is one of the first All-In-One solutions, which is affordable & still easy to use. The best thing: It can be tailored to meet your company´s needs.
    2.000.000 Odoo users have the same opinion.

    In 2014 I was in charge of finding a new ERP for a German, fast growing company. The solution should include warehouse management, accounting, website & shop plus a smart CRM. I guided the whole process of month of research, data transfer (databank mapping), establishing the system & new workflows in the daily business plus educating the other employees. Today I am working with Odoo on a daily basis and (unbelievable, but true) I still love it.

    With well structured video tutorials I will teach you how to work with this amazing ERP by showing you the straight functionality of Odoo plus giving you advices on how to apply your knowledge for your own business.

    I hope this course will support you to become a good Odoo user within 14 days. But even more important: You can easily look up functions, you forgot about. You can do so much with Odoo, that it is impossible to keep everything in mind. This course will help you:

    to make a profound decision, if you want work with this system in the future.
    to avoid stress & save time (for yourself or your employees) working with Odoo, if your company is already using it.
    save money, you would normally spend on training sessions & consultancy.

    The will never again be cheaper, than now. The more material I add, the higher the price.

    My first goal is to compile a solid course with more than 7 hours of compact, effective video coaching sessions. But from that point on I won´t stop enhancing the course.

    The earlier you buy, the less you pay.

    What are the requirements?

    Computer, Browser
    Free Odoo Test Account
    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 70 lectures and 7 hours of content!
    GAIN A COMPREHENSIVE UNDERSTANDING OF ODOO To Work With The System On A Daily Basis & Educate Others. Save Money & Time, You Would Normally Spend On Training Sessions & Insular Software Solution and their Cross-linking!
    SALES: Manage Leads & Turnover Opportunities Of Existing Customer & Prospects In Customized Sales Funnels. Use Your Full Sales Potential!
    SALES: Set Up A Well Structured Contact Data Base To Analyze & Categorize Your Customers. Get To Know Your Customers To Not Waste Money On Blind Marketing & Sales Activities!
    SALES: Create & Manage Multiple Price Lists For Different Customer Groups. Start Rewarding Loyal Customers With High Turnover To Build Engagement
    SALES: Handle Multiple Currencies (With Daily Updated Rates) For Sales & Purchase To Work Internationally. The World Is Your Market!
    WAREHOUSING: Create & Process Arrival, Internal Transfer & Shipping Of Goods Working With Multiple Warehouses. Save A Lot Of Time By Using Odoos Simple Steps.
    WAREHOUSING: Manage unlimited Number Of Individual Serialnumbers or Lot-Numbers + Corresponding Delivery Tracking. Professionalize Individual Customer Service & Reveal Series Defect To Improve Product Quality!
    ORGANIZATION: Set Up & Handle A Global Synchronized Company Calendar For All Employees. Improve Coordination Of Meetings & Appointments!
    CONTROLLING: Gain Deep Insights Into Your Business Through Advanced Analytics, Compile Customized Reports & Share Them With Relevant Stakeholders
    ADMIN: Set up & Edit Company & User Profiles With Corresponding Access Rights. Give Your Employees The Possibilities To Perform & Cooperate, But Still Keeping Controll Over Their Insights.
    ADMIN: Construct Your Own Customized Version Of Odoo From The Ground Up By Installing Apps And Adjusting Settings. Concentrate On More Important Things And Let The Technique Support YOU! You & Your Employees Will Cherish The New, Simpler Daily Business.
    ADMIN: Translate Your ERP In Any Language By Installing Language Packages & Individual Translations. Ease Communication With Customers & Suppliers By Processing Orders In Their Corresponding Language.
    NO LIMIT: Understanding The Structure And Principles Of Odoo Enables You To Explore Even More Advanced Functionalities On Your Own. Lean Back With The Security Of A System, Wich Will Adapt According to Your Needs!
    What is the target audience?

    COMPANIES, WHO ALREADY USE ODOO & need cost-effective support with training their (new) employees & lack a comprehensive library to look up functionalities. Save money, you would have to spend on training sessions!
    FAST GROWING STARTUPS, who are searching for a new way to organize their increasing complex daily business. Invest into structure before you totally loose it.
    SMALL OR MIDDLE-SIZED CORPORATIONS, who became too big and complex to stick with the digital structure, they once started with. Choose a system you can build around your company & which will continiue to grow together with you. Save tons of time on research - All you need to know about the capabilities of Odoo is right here!
    TECH-AGENCIES, that consider to offer Odoo installations, customization and support to their partners. Here you get a good overview about, what Odoo is able to do and what problems future clients might face. Odoo has over 2 Mio Users (and growing), but there is still only a small number of agencies, who provide Odoo services. This course is a great investment into your future!
    EMPLOYEES OF COMPANIES, THAT WORK WITH ODOO ERP, who are fed up with spending to much time on standard processes, because they never received a proper training. Ask your company to split costs on this course - the price is not even a friction of what they lose, when everyday processes take too long!
    This course is not developed to teach programmers how to customize the code or develop their own Odoo apps!
    This course is not covering deep insight into the accounting app, due to big differences between the countries tax systems.
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