Udemy - Passive Income for Beginners : Learn to Create 8 Sources

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    Udemy - Passive Income for Beginners: Learn to Create 8 Sources
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    Build 8 online profitable sources of passive income that will generate you money forever. Put money to work for you.

    Imagine how amazing would be if you could leverage your time, not worrying about work or money, spend more time with your family and do all the things you really love. Well, it is possible, let me introduce you to a wonderful thing called Passive Income.

    If you want to automate your income every month without exchanging work for money, be in charge of your time, live a wealthier life and if you want to improve your life in general, this is the course for you.

    Any money you will ever make, besides winning the lottery - and I wouldn.t be waiting for that if I were you - will fall into one of these income categories; Passive Income or Active Income.

    Passive income: is the money you profit continuously from assets you have created or purchased. Here.s an example; if you buy a house and rent it out for more money than it costs you to pay your mortgage and other expenses every month, that profit you make is considered passive income. Other example is writing a book, you only have to write it once and put it on the market for sale, after that, your only job is marketing that book to increase sales, giving you a steady influx of profit.

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    Active income: is any income that is generated by your work. This is the most common way for making money, but its obvious downside is that once you stop working, you stop making money. Therefore, if you ever intend to be rich, this is definitely not the way to go. It.s major downside is that you are exchanging time for money and that is limiting you to grow and earn more money. Imagine if you were a Shiatsu therapist, even if you had 1.000.000 people waiting to make an appointment with you, that wouldn.t be possible, and therefore you would never receive that money from them, even with the high demand of your exhausted body.. The only advantage is the immediate gratification, a misleading trap in my opinion.

    Now that you know the difference maybe you can understand they.re importance. Remember, you aren.t getting younger, and things happen. Relying on active income is a risky business wrapped on a warming blanket.

    Start thinking on your future, start putting money to work for you. There are many ways you can create passive income these days, and on this Course you will represented the Top 8 of them. The most profitable, easy to implement and with the lowest maintenance.

    Here.s another benefits of earning passive income, allowing you to leverage your time. Let.s pretend you could pay all your bills using your passive income only, having to spend only a few hours a week working. You could for instance:

    Spend more time with your family
    Earn money while laying back at the beach
    Spend time writing that book you always wanted and that could help thousands of people
    Spend time starting a business you truly love

    Imagine how amazing that would be if you could be experiencing this right now. Well, the truth is you can! You just need to get started.. so let.s begin.

    I.m here to help you and I.m available to answer your questions and advice you along the way. Together we can make sure you have great success in your life.

    You have a 30 days money back guarantee with no questions asked. You have nothing to lose.

    Click on the "Take This Course" button now and lets make great things happen! Sign up and find out for yourself why so many people are taking and recommending this course. I genuinely believe it.s the best and most complete on Udemy, just check the several 5 star reviews from the happy students.

    Don.t kick yourself a month from now because you didn.t start today.
    What are the requirements?

    The willing to change and improve your life and financial situation
    Computer with internet access
    For people of all ages
    No experience whatsoever

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 25 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    Over time you will be less and less dependent of your work and start receiving money from several sources
    Build 8 profitable sources of passive income, that will bring you money forever
    Master the techniques of passive income
    Improve your financial situation for good
    Tools, Media, eBooks and several Resources to help you along the way
    Life time and unlimited access to this course and to me if you have some questions

    What is the target audience?

    If you want to be in charge of your time
    If you want to automate your income every month without exchanging work for money
    If you want to live a wealthier life
    If you want to improve your life in general, this is the course for you




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