NitroFlare Udemy - Self-Editing Techniques That Make Books Sell

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    Udemy - Self-Editing Techniques That Make Books Sell
    MP4 | PDF | Video: 1280x720 | 48 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 1 Hours | 476 MB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English​

    Transform Your Writing from Good to Great

    This course will teach you simple, yet effective self-editing techniques that will improve your success as a writer. Whether you have already written a book, would like to try writing a book, or just enjoy writing, you will learn to eliminate unnecessary words and phrases while strengthening your story. When you apply the techniques to your writing, they will soon become habits, which will cut your editing time and costs if you are going to publish your book.

    These techniques work with fictional and non-fictional writing. The techniques can also help college and high school students write stronger papers.

    Each lecture includes a short video explanation, a technique to apply to your writing, and additional exercises to reinforce the technique. There are also various handouts for quick reference to be used with future writing projects. These techniques will make the reader experience more enjoyable, and when readers enjoy your writing, you will sell more books.

    What are the requirements?

    You should have a chapter (or five to ten pages) of your writing to apply the exercises. If you do not have anything written, writing prompts will be given. You will need to choose one and write it out before proceeding with the exercises. Although you can do the exercises without a computer, using a word processor with a search capability will make the exercises quicker and easier to complete.

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 25 lectures and 46 mins of content!
    By the end of this course, you will be able to self-edit your writing in a style that is easy to understand, allows the reader to become part of the experience, and creates a more enjoyable read. If publishing your writing, completing this course will save you money when hiring an editor for your final edit. Mastery of this course will also aid in receiving positive ratings and reviews on your books.

    What is the target audience?

    This course is for any writer who wants to write clearly, concisely, and desires to improve their overall writing skills. This course is not intended for those who do not have a general understanding of basic English grammar and sentence structure.

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