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    Udemy - Understanding the basic elements of photography
    MP4 | AVC 439kbps | English | 960x720 | 24fps | 2h 30mins | AAC stereo 57kbps | 642 MB
    Genre: Video Training

    Easy-to-understand teaching of photography, how to shoot in any mode of a digital camera & how to meter & measure light. Learn how to have complete control of your digital camera. Learn Photography Guaranteed, From The Country's Most Effective Online Photography Course. Easy-to-learn, step-by-step, instruction. Includes eight modules. Self study, learn at your own pace, complete the course in a week or a year, it's up to you! Learn how to shoot in every mode of your digital camera. Learn how to meter & measure light for perfect exposures. Includes workbook, practice exercises & photo assignments, and access to professional photographers. Learn how to have complete control of Light & Exposure (learn how to meter and measure light for professional and artistic looking images).
    Professional photographer Val Westover, with over 25 years experience as an educator, has created the most complete photography course available, teaching you how to shoot in every mode of your digital camera. Val has personally taught over 25,000 photographers throughout the US and Canada. Learn how to use and control the incredible metering system in your digital camera. The Basic Elements of Photography is the most effective beginner photography course in the country. Thousands of people all over the world passionate about photography have taken this course and now have a stronger understanding of how to have complete control of their camera. Through online videos practice exercises and photo assignments, professional photographer Val Westover, imparts how to have complete control of a digital camera.

    Topics Include:

    Section 1: Essentials - Preparing for success
    Section 2: ISO - Controlling the image sensor
    Section 3: Aperture - Controlling light and depth of field
    Section 4: Shutter Speed - Controlling light and movement
    Section 5: Relationship - Combining aperture and shutter speed
    Section 6: Metering - Measuring light for the correct exposure
    Section 7: A breakdown of the basic characteristics of light and composition
    Section 8: Completion - Start photographing like a pro




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