NitroFlare Udemy - Unlock Your Voice - The Secrets to Singing (Level 3)

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    Udemy - Unlock Your Voice - The Secrets to Singing (Level 3)
    MP4 | Video: 1280x720 | 63 kbps | 44 KHz | Duration: 3 Hours | 1.88 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English

    Go from average to great singing - gain amazing vocal control, flexibility and power using your natural ability to sing!

    Picking up from Level 2, this course is designed to take singers from intermediate to advanced vocal techniques. Equipping you with the Vocal Gears™, you'll be able to drive your voice to achieve the 4 stunning sounds that professional singers use and mix all the time, to achieve great vocal control, power, flexibility and your own signature sound. The Vocal Gears are essential to allowing a singer to fully express himself/herself without any vocal limitations.

    Get acquainted with all your Vocal Gears™! By engaging in different gears, you can improve your vocal connection, strengthen the power of your full vocal range, increase your vocal options and also achieve better vocal control and flexibility.

    Get an insight on how professional singers have that particular sound to their voices by using different vocal gears and get a glimpse of how you can further develop and distinguish your own sound by using the various vocal gears: Anchor, Frost, Cry & Belt.

    Learn how to use Anchor:

    Understand how to deliver a strong deeper sound to your voice
    Develop that strong 'shouty' sound in your voice when you sing in both your chest and middle registers
    Sustain notes more powerfully in your chest and middle register
    There is no other vocal gear more delicate, gentle and 'heavenly' sounding as Frost. Learn how to use Frost - the vocal gear behind all the ethereal voices that we love:

    Develop that smooth, light and airy sound in your voice - an important gear to help you build dynamics (variations in volume and feel) in your singing.
    Add 'airiness' or smokiness to your voice without experiencing any vocal hiccups.
    Sing in all of your vocal range with a light and "angelic" sound with ease
    Unlock your whistle register

    Learn how to engage in Cry, a popular vocal gear used by professional singers across all music genres.

    Why? Cry is the vocal gear that is best when it comes to improving your overall vocal connection; your key to more vocal flexibility. It can also help you deliver notes with amazing power.

    Sing in a connected voice throughout your vocal registers
    Sing from soft to very loud volume in your mix and head voice.
    Develop an edgier or more metallic sound to your voice.

    Learn how to belt out notes with power and ease! Belting is not reserved only for those with great pipes - you can now learn how to engage in this vocal gear to deliver the 'full voice' effect in your higher register, which includes both your high mix and your head voice.

    Understand how to sing loud/powerfully from your chest voice to your head voice without your voice breaking/cracking
    Discover how to make your voice pierce and penetrate other sounds as you perform
    Find out what the 'secret' element is in engaging in Belt
    Get that slightly nasty sound in your voice when you want it

    Clear examples are provided so you can understand and compare the sound quality of every vocal gear.

    After you've acquainted yourself with the Vocal Gears, you'll learn how to mix them up to do more wonders with your voice!

    Additional materials included to assist with your learning:

    Study notes.
    Audio files to practice with.
    Short quizzes to test & refresh your knowledge.
    What are the requirements?

    A room or space to practise in. We'll be making some crazy sounds!
    Commitment to practice all of the vocal exercises as often as you can.
    For maximum results, completion of Level 1 & 2 is recommended.
    What am I going to get from this course?

    Over 9 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    Master the Vocal Gears as commonly used by music artistes in the industry for better vocal control, flexibility, power.
    Develop an amazingly flexible and strong vocal mix.
    Increase the diversity of your sound (switch from chesty to smooth & ethereal, to metallic/edgy and/or belting sounds easily). Immediate results.
    Develop your own distinct sound and style of singing.
    What is the target audience?

    Intermediate to advanced singers.
    Singers who are facing problems ironing out the transitions between their vocal registers (voice sounds disconnected, or vocal connection is weak).
    Singers who want to sing with more vocal control in volume through out their vocal range, and with more flexibility in modifying their tone quality.
    Singers who want to develop a more unique voice.
    Singers who want to learn how to belt.
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