NitroFlare Udemy - Wealth Mindset 1: Transform How You Think About Finances

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    Udemy - Wealth Mindset 1: Transform How You Think About Finances

    A transformational approach to creating wealth, achieving goals, and fixing your personal finances. (INTERMEDIATE LEVEL)
    Have you ever struggled with debt? Do you wonder why you don't seem to have enough money to meet expenses? Or perhaps you do have some funds set aside, but ask yourself why you can't make it grow fast enough? In all of these cases, despite knowing what you want, your ability to achieve it somehow eludes you. This course is designed to clear away any wrong mindsets you have about money - mindsets you probably aren't even aware of - that are preventing you from financial success. It offers a unique approach to achieving your financial goals. Get ready for the transformational experience of walking down new paths of thinking that will lead you to healthier mindsets and wealthier outcomes.
    What am I going to get from this course?
    Over 6 lectures and 51 mins of content!
    de-program the way you have been thinking about your finances that are preventing you from achieving financial success
    take any fear you might have about finances, and turn it into courage
    take any unworthiness you might feel about finances, and turn it into a sense of self-worth
    take any risk-aversion you might feel about finances, and turn it into a willingness to take calculated risks to create wealth
    take any procrastination you might feel about finances, and turn it into readiness to take immediate action
    better understand why you seek wealth, so that you can check yourself on healthy vs. unhealthy motivations that you may not even realize about yourself
    come to realize how different wealth is from salary, and that anyone - regardless of how big their salary is - can successfully create wealth
    understand the value of pursuing your life's dreams instead of going with the flow when it comes to your career
    learn a system for converting any wrong mindset you have about money - whatever it might be - and turning it around into a new, positive, "wealth mindset"


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