NitroFlare Uniqueness Mastery Home Study - Sean D'Souza

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    Uniqueness Mastery Home Study - Sean D'Souza

    Introducing the Uniqueness Mastery Home Study
    The Uniqueness Mastery Home Study is a precise system that enables you to get your product or service to stand out. And not just stand out in a garish, uncomfortable way, but in a manner where the customer knows exactly why they're choosing you over the competition. It follows a system that that shows you how to get to your uniqueness.

    Sales info -

    You will learn

    How to drive home a uniqueness factor to your clients without a big budget.
    How to make the uniqueness brief, when needed. Or expand it when needed. And when to use the expanded or the brief version for maximum impact.
    How to make your uniqueness look 'natural' and not forced. A forced uniqueness feels yucky and artificial.
    Why wrestling with uniqueness for weeks or months on end is a waste of good time and energy. Learn how to quickly get to uniqueness in a matter of days.
    Why most testimonials fall apart. How to create testimonials with specific questioning tactics. You'll learn to create testimonials that sell your product/service without you lifting a finger.
    How to create uniqueness that stands the test of time. It's easy to pick a uniqueness that may lose its power. Learn how to pick one that won't fade away easily.
    How to prevent your uniqueness from being copied by a competitor. If you don't fashion a robust uniqueness, what's to stop your competition from stepping in and using it themselves?

    Here's the outline of what you'll learn in the course:

    Uniqueness Lessons

    Session 1:

    The Critical Importance of Uniqueness
    The Importance of Listing Features in Uniqueness
    The Systematic Way To Choose From The List
    Three Core Methods of Getting To Uniqueness
    How to Choose The Right Uniqueness: The David Attenborough Method

    Session 2:

    The Importance of Enthusiasm When Describing Uniqueness
    How To Create Simple and Expanded Uniqueness
    A Deeper Dive Into the DNA of Uniqueness (And Why DNA matters)
    Understanding how to get to DNA with adjectives
    The Role of Features in Uniqueness
    How To Create a Uniqueness Filter
    The 3 Critical Mistakes With Expanding and Condensing (And How To Fix Them)

    Session 3:

    How to use uniqueness in presentations, sales pitches and sales pages.
    Umbrella Uniqueness vs. Individual Products
    Finding Uniqueness from Testimonials
    The role of hero and supporting cast in uniqueness
    First and second level uniqueness: And the importance of branding

    Session 4:

    How to get the word out
    Personal Uniqueness: Is it important?
    Relationship between uniqueness and other elements of marketing
    Taking on the 800 pound gorilla: Taking on Market Leaders
    Cannibalisation Of Your Own Product/Service

    Session 5:

    The Importance of Supporting Media: Audio, Video, Images, Cartoons
    How To Get Uniqueness From A target profile interview
    Why Uniqueness Can't Guarantee Success: Case Studies
    Demonstrating Uniqueness
    Waffly Language

    Session 6:

    Why You Need To Avoid Writing "Copy" When Creating Uniqueness
    Sacrifice and Slaughter: Why It's Important
    The Importance of the Mundane And Seemingly Uninteresting.
    How Uniqueness Plays A Role In Creating Yummy Bonuses

    And this isn't counting the additional bonuses. Now these bonuses aren't some stupid add-ons. They're specifically designed by me, and they're designed to take your understanding of uniqueness even further. But you'll find out for yourself anyway.

    As mentioned before: This course is designed not as an info-dump, but true methods of learning, such as layering, and repetition are involved. Plus various media such as audio, text, checklist, etc. And so that the learning experience translates into better understanding, which in turn leads to better implementation.


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