NitroFlare Unposed : Learn How To Take Great Candid Photographs

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    Unposed: Learn How To Take Great Candid Photographs
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    eLearning, Photography, Photography Fundamentals | Skill level: Beginner level

    Candid photos are popular, and now you can learn six expert techniques to capture amazing photo-journalistic images!
    Often, people are asking me about what "style" of photography I shoot, especially for weddings. The real question that they are asking is whether or not I will capture many candid photos of them and their guests. The answer is "of course!". No matter the style of photography that you typically shoot, candid photos are always a popular choice. Many times people feel that they look most authentic when they are not looking at the camera, or better yet, when they do not know that the camera is watching them. (Not in a creepy way!)

    If you want to master this popular style of photography, please sign up for my course as I am sure it will give you some insight into how candid photos can really mean a lot to people.

    In this course, I will unveil six tricks that I use when planning to capture people in their natural state. You will also learn my definition of "candid" photos as well as photo-journalism. I love answering any questions that my students may have, so feel free to use the discussion board within the course setting to learn additional tips.

    I look forward to teaching you about candid photography!

    What are the requirements?
    -This course is ideal for students who already own a dSLR camera.

    What am I going to get from this course?
    -Over 13 lectures and 33 mins of content!
    -Take candid photographs without disturbing the flow of action.
    -See a moment that has special meaning and translate that to their camera.
    -Predict the future by reading the actions of people, in order to capture the best moment.

    What is the target audience?
    -This course is meant for newer photographers who are trying to emulate the "photojournalistic" style.
    -This course is also useful for avid photographers who need a bit of inspiration on how to capture moments as they happen, as apposed to setting up shots and posing people.




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