NitroFlare Unreal Engine.4.11.0 Master Source and Compiled

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    Unreal Engine 4.11.0 Master Source and Compiled | 4.88 GB

    Unreal Engine 4 - One of the most powerful modern game engines. With it you can create the most beautiful, exciting and thrilling games.

    The main feature of the engine is that only setting tools UE4 on your computer, you will immediately get access to the beautiful graphics, lots of easy to use tools to create the best levels, flexible configuration of materials for your models and your map, and most importantly - the system of visual scripting with which you will be able to write a play without a single line of code!

    My changes: Removed EpicGamesLauncher launch at startup UE4Editor, disable the debug information.
    Collected: Win64 - UE4Editor, UE4Game Development. Android - UE4Game Development (Android 5.0 armv7). Compile the Visual Studio 2015 (UnrealCodeAnalyzer not compiled). UnrealBuildTool altered to support VS2015 (if you have not installed, it will be used VS2013). Updated to Zlib 1.2.8.

    Isprvleno: Build projects on Windows, complete adaptation to VS2015 and fix for Asus Zenfone 6.
    For Mac and Linux can not be compiled. Setup.bat not open.
    To open the editor need to unpack the zip disk root avoiding Cyrillic in folder names. Path - From: \ Unreal Engine 4.11.0 Master \ Engine \ Binaries \ Win64 \ UE4Editor.exe
    To build on the android must install Engine \ Extras \ Android \ AndroidWorks-1R2-windows.exe, and project settings specified in the Android SDK directory sdk jdk ant and ndk
    Unpack recommended for 7-ZIP
    Added the ability to open the console on Android - Touch the screen with your fingers 4-5, enter the following command in the input field.
    Install Framework 4.6.0



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